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How to Do Better in Pen Fight

Updated on June 19, 2013

Pen fight is a wonderful game that you can play at your school or home. It requires very few items - pens and an empty table or flat smooth surface. Two or more players can play the game.

Rules of Pen Fight

The rules are simple,

  • When your opponent’s pen falls off the table and your stay at the table, you win.
  • If both pens fall off the table, the match is draw, or if you are playing for points, neither gets a point in the game.
  • Two or more players can play the game
  • You can play in pairs. Two Vs two or three Vs three if you like. In this case, if both pen stays at the table at the end of a pair, they acquire two points, if one stays at the table, then they get one point.
  • You can’t take the pen off the table during the game; you have to move it by hitting it with your fingers.

Pen Fight Tricks

Pen fight is a simple game but there are a few tricks you can learn to do better in pen fight. From my experience, I can say, you can always hit your opponent’s pen and knock it off the table in a single hit no matter what the position is of your pen’s or your opponent’s pen. But, playing safe is a better option sometimes.

Playing Safe

When you start the game, always try to keep your pen in a position that your opponent can’t take an easy shot on your pen. Wait for your opponent to make a mistake and give you an easy opportunity to hit. To do this, you can try two methods,

  • Always keep your pen as far from your opponent’s as possible.
  • Or you can try to keep your pen straight and parallel to your opponent’s. Make sure your pen is no exactly in line, in that case, he can take a head hit on your pen and knock it off the table. See the image below to get a clear picture.

Attack and take the first shot

Another way to go through the game is to attack at all times. If you know all the hitting techniques and have mastered some, you can play with this strategy. This strategy means you attack every time you get your chance to hit. Your target will be to hit your opponent’s pen off the table at one strike. If an easy hit is not available, make sure that either your opponent’s pen goes off the table of both the pens go off the table. So, a draw or a point at each game will be your target.

Play intelligently

The best way to play this game would be to mix both strategies. When you are playing, analyze the situation and decide whether to play safe or attack. When you play in pairs, you can take a weak shot at your opponent to make his pen vulnerable to your partner’s pen. And your partner will be able to take an easy shot and knock his pen out of the table.

There are different ways to hit a pen with your pen on the table. Learn the techniques, practice a lot and you will be able to smash your opponent’s pen off the table quite easily. One important part of hitting is to make sure that your pen hits the middle part of opponent’s pen. That will cause more damage and the chance of your pen falling off will be less.

Pen Fight Hitting Techniques

Side Slam

It is an advanced technique to hit your opponent’s pen. This hit can be taken when the pens are in parallel to each other. Use your middle finger and index finger to take this shot. Check the video below to get a better idea about the shot. If done accurately, the success rate is 90%.

Side slam

Head Slam

This shot is possible when your opponent’s pen is in 90 degree angle to your pen. You shoot your pen straight on the middle of your opponent’s pen. If the pens are in right position, this is 100% safe and is guaranteed to knock your opponent’s pen off the table.

Head Slam


This is a simple technique. Any player can take a shot like this. However doing it correctly specially on long distance requires a lot of practice. See the video below to get an inside about this shot. The success of this shot depends on how much power you can generate. However, trying to generate too much power can push your pen in the wrong direction.

Pen Fight - Thumb Smash and Cross roads

Thumb smash

This shot is taken with the use of your thumb. All the power is generated from your thumb. It is however, not a very powerful shot and do not guarantee ‘knock out’.

Pen fighting is fun and a great way to spend some time with your pals. The more you play, the more entertaining it gets. You can even have tournaments of pen fighting at your school. From my experience I must say, pen fighting in pairs is more enjoyable than playing alone. Also, more players mean more fun.


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      7 months ago

      is there is a shot called sling shot

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      how to make pen heavy

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      There is another move. If the opponent is perpendicular to your pen's edge then put a finger in front of that edge and then shoot with the opposite edge.


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