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Persona 4 Golden- Seven Pro Tips

Updated on April 6, 2013

Persona 4 Golden has been hailed by critics everywhere as one of the greatest Japanese role-playing games to grace the Playstation Vita, and a fantastic enhancement of a role-playing classic. But they hasten to add that it can be a bit difficult for RPG newcomers to get into.

Since I love the game, I thought I would provide a few pro tips for those who want a solid strategy for avoiding a number of frustrations that can be encountered if all the information you're asked to process can get...overwhelming. Oh yes it can.

One aspect of the game that I will NOT touch upon in this article is the online features that allow you to help others playing the game stuck in dungeons or unsure how to spend a given day.

Also, while what I have to say is almost entirely spoiler free, I am assuming that you're at least a little familiar with the mechanics already (i.e. you're past the first few hours). So, with that out of the way....

Fishing for Reels

After reading a book sold in the south end of the Central Shopping District on Expert Fishing techniques, the Triangle button will appear at times on the color spectrum when you play the fishing mini-game.

When this happens, you don't have to wait for the cursor to enter the blue area of the spectrum. Just press it and get an advantage in reeling speed! It will definitely come in handy when you attempt to catch bigger fish like the Guardian and Meguro Tuna.

Buggin' Out

This comes down to what you're comfortable with, but I find it easiest to swing the bug catching net with perfect timing if I rest my finger lightly above the button. This keeps me relaxed and ready to press the button when the Exclamation point appears above the main character's head.

* Swinging the net with perfect timing also increases the chances that you'll nab rare bugs like the Inaba Jewel Beetle and Genji Beetle, which can only be caught at night once certain conditions are met.

Big Guard

- Guard Yourself

While exploring the dungeons of the game, it can be easy to get overconfident. Failing to protect your main character can net you a quick game over (though this is not nearly akin to the frustrating occurrence it was in the original version of P4, where you couldn't continue from whatever floor you'd reached). Nonetheless, it's an annoyance that can be avoided if you take some turns to Guard while your friends dish out damage and take the big risks.

- Use Status Ailments

Don't underestimate the use of these abilities. Like Hama and Mudo, they may not seem that helpful most of the time.

Although the most reliable strategy is to hit Shadows with an elemental weakness, you will sometimes find yourself facing an enemy that seems to have no weaknesses, but lots of resistances. At these times, try casting Tentarafoo to confuse enemies or Evil Smile to inflict them with fear. If you have a persona with Ghastly Wail, cast it to instantly kill every fearful Shadow.

- Use Dekaja and Dekunda

In very challenging fights, these two skills can turn the tide. Dekaja will negate any buffs a Shadow has cast on itself and/or allies, while Dekunda will negate any debuffs a Shadow has cast on you and/or your allies. Pretty nifty!

- Trafuri and Traesto Can Save Your Life

If a group of Shadows (or just one) is kicking your tail and you can't successfully run away, use Trafuri to escape the battle instantly. But be careful that you conserve enough SP to use it. Traesto will let you escape a dungeon instantly, and is a little cheaper in cost. At the very least, have a few Vanish Balls on hand. They can be found in any normal chest.

Greed is Great!

Golden Hands are rare Shadows that appear in each dungeon of the game. When defeated, they typically give you huge boosts in experience and lots of money.

Beating them is another matter.

With resistance to physical attacks and near-immunity to all magic and ailments, they aren't going down too easily. You could wait until you have access to Almighty spells before taking on these mini-tanks, but forget that. You want the edge.

So, your best bet is to land some Critical Hits on their butts. Chie learns the most physical attacks off the bat, and- thanks to her Rebellion ability- she'll have the most luck. Whether you find a single Golden Hand or many, make use of her skills and hope for the best.

You can also cast Tarukaja on Chie and have Yosuke cast Sukakaja on her. If she doesn't knock them dead after that, victory simply isn't in the cards.

Ignoring Everyone

Despite the game's insistence that social linking is a vital aspect of making it through the game, this isn't the case. It is possible to make it to the end without hanging out with anyone at all (with the exception of scripted events, of course).

However, Persona 4 Golden is a very long game and there are only so many ways you can spend your time. Chances are, you'll get bored fast if you spend too many days grinding in the TV world.

Plus, improving relationships with your friends of various arcana gives personas of the same arcana bonus experience for fusion, and it increases the likelihood that your closest companions will provide special help to you in battles.

Forgetting Fusion

As with social links, it isn't necessary for you to participate in persona fusion. You can pick up persona cards from Shuffle Times the whole way through and survive easily enough. If you do decide to fuse personas, however, you'll have much greater control over what skills your ideal fighting team of spirits can have.

All in the Timing

Drawing fortunes at the shrine takes time, but accepting ema requests from the Fox does not.

Margaret's requests can all be done in a single afternoon (provided you have the yen), but a trip to the coffee shop in Okina City will put you to sleep until it's evening.

Use your ever-growing knowledge of which activities take time (and which do not) to get the most out of each and every day!

WhatchU think? :D

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    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 2 years ago from Louisiana

      Golden is an excellent remake of an already great game, and these tips are useful. Thanks for the article!