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Personal Review: Battle of Arrow (for Android and iOS)

Updated on February 20, 2018

The game was developed by Creative Lab and its avaible for Android and iOS.

In my opinion? It's an amazing and innovative game! let's the pros and cons below:


  • PVP battles with less than 3 minutes of duration.
  • Raid battles with 3 other players against a boss.
  • Campaign mode to win prizes and improve your accuracy.
  • 6 types of bows (including crossbows) to diversify your play style.
  • Innovative aiming mode.
  • No ADS.

CON (the only one I could thought about):

  • It's free-to-play. But why that is a con? Becouse FTP games like that have boxes that you can open to win new equipments, and you have to wait the time to open it OR pay with cash to jump that waiting. FTP games must have their incoming from another way, at least it doesnt have ads on this game.

So in my opinion its a realy fun game with great features that you will spend some time playing it! Beat your enemies and Rank Up in the Arena of professional archers!

Thanks for reading and stay with the game treilar bellow, cya!


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