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Personal Inventory in Castle Age

Updated on January 24, 2012

If you've been using facebook, you would probably have heard about the game on it called castle age. It is a kind of game very similar to mafia wars except set in a world of magic.

You will also come by many things, from army units, to weapons as well as armor, and then magical spells. To keep track of everything outside the game, you might consider making a sample inventory sheet.


This is an inventory of the units I have, which covers a modest variety

While I don't have the best units, the Genesis unit at 100/100 or the Spartan Phalanx at 70/70 (which takes 300 soldiers to alchemize, of which I only have but 1/6th of).

However, I do have a decent helping of combined cronus at 60/60 and assorted hellkite minions and hellslayer knights which act as good stand ins.


The castle age's inventory of equipment actually covers both weapons and armor, although weapons actually goes under a different category during combat.

For the weapons, one would try to farm Genesis Swords from Genesis as at 20/30 it is the best main hand weapon in the game, as well as being farmable from a mob. And thus you can have multiple copies.

Genesis also drops a healthy helping of other loot that helps towards the gearscore of your inventory. Hands of Bounty at 10/9 is pretty generous with the stats.

But before that if you are into dueling you might consider reading on the different types of castle age gear

Another god mob to farm from would be Skaar Deathrune, he drops quite a bit of the units mentioned above, as well as decent armor pieces:


Magic are the final portion of the castle age inventory that will go into combat.

To get the best magic one needs to farm Ragnarok for the Frostbolt magics over a long time to get enough.

For those who are less patient, and have already obtained Chase, they can consider using their battle hearts from raids to obtain Invulnerability (2000 battle marks). Alternatively, Skaar Deathrune from above also drops a decent magic in pestilence 7/9


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