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Personalized Photo Puzzles - Turn a Picture in to a Puzzle

Updated on May 23, 2011

Personalized Photo Puzzles Make Ideal Gifts

 Personalized photo puzzles make great gifts for either puzzle fans, who hard to buy for people, as they are both fun and unique.

It can be hard to continually think up ideas for original gifts for people. You want something that tells them you were thinking of them, but don't have the time to devote to scouring the shops for the perfect item.

Personalized presents are always a hit and with a personalised photo puzzle not only are you able to give someone a picture they'll love, they can also have a lot of fun putting it together ~ and could even have it framed when finished.

Photo jigsaw puzzles are great for everyone from little kids who can have a simple picture of their favourite pet, or for grand parents who would love a picture of the grand kids to put together.

It's easy to turn a picture into a puzzle as there are many companies who specialise in in doing this ~ as well as putting pictures on to anything else from mugs to mouse mats.

There are different options with regard to the size of the puzzles you can have, and how they look i.e. round or rectangular and with either a horizontal or vertical layout.

To make a picture into a puzzle you simply choose the picture you wish to use, either email or send it to the puzzle makers and within a few days the finished items will be returned to you.

Make Your Own Jigsaw Puzzle

 There are make your own jigsaw puzzle kits available on the market, though they are definitely more childrens toys than serious puzzle making machines.

However if you have a child keen on both photography and puzzle this can be a good way af combining both hobbies, and it's a great way for kids to make personal presents for friends and relations.



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