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Petz: The Virtual Pet Dog and Cat Game

Updated on August 8, 2012

Petz The Virtual Dog and Cat Game

Petz is a Virtual pet game where the objective is to adopt Dogz and Catz from the Adoption Center as puppies and kittens and raise them into adult hood to be healthy, happy, and playful Petz. The Petz in this game each have their own personalities and they don't all ways get along with each other just like our real dogs and cats.

Petz, once they've reached adult hood, can breed, to breed Petz you need a male and female dog or cat that have fallen in love either by being out around each other for a long time or by spraying them with the perfume or the love potion. When your Petz are in love you'll be able to tell because they will make "lovey" eyes at each other, lick each other, and will want to be together and will become sad if you put the other pet away. Once your Petz fall in love they will usually come together in the middle of your screen and sit next to each other, if a big red heart appears then your female is expecting puppies! If you don't have Petza installed your puppies or puppy depending on which version of Petz you have will be born in three days, however if you have Petza installed you can set it to have your female have her puppies instantly the next time you bring her out.

Petz has a lot of user created Breedz you can download off of Petz sites created by other Petz fans within the Pet community. You can create your own Breedz and edit how your Petz look using Hex editors, theres almost no limit to the things you can create in this game. Within the Petz community you can adopt Petz from other people's litters that they have naturally created by meticulously breeding their Petz, unless they use Petza which makes the process a lot easier, or a litter that they have hexed using their hex editor.

Dogz and Catz can also participate in Shows held by other Petz lovers on their websites and or forums, you can also find hexing tutorials, game trouble shooting, adoptions, litters, contests, new breeds, and friends who are interested in this wonderful game.

Petz can learn tricks too! If you hold up a treat and shake it over your pets head, to either side, or underneath it it will try to do a trick, whichever trick you reward the pet for doing by giving it a treat is what it will do for that movement. for example if you shake the treat under your pet and it lays down, if you give it the treat every time it lays down when you shake the treat under it, it will learn to lay down for that movement, Petz can also play fetch and learn to catch a Frisbee. There are also tug toys and balls that the Petz can play with together.

You'll need to feed and water your Petz to keep them happy, If you neglect your Petz they will become sad and run away. If you abuse your Pet they will become fearful and that will also cause them to run away, you wouldn't be mean to your real pets so you shouldn't be mean to these Petz just because they're in a game. Petz can also get sick and catch fleas which you can get spray for in the toy closet or from the mini games if you've got Petz 5.

Besides Dogz, Catz, and any user created Breedz you have there are also Pigs and Bunnies you can adopt from the adoption center, these cannot be bred so they are just for you to have fun with. In some of the play scenes there will be "Hosts" that come to visit and play with your Petz you can't keep or control the hosts and they can't breed with your Petz but its all ways fun to watch them frolic around together and have fun.

Petz is a fairly old game. it was created by P.F. magic, a company that is no longer around even though Ubi Soft owns the rights to the Petz trademark now. It was originally created for windows 98/2000/XP. There is a patch that will allow the game to run in vista and if you have further issues running it in compatibility mode usually works. With an amazing community that still makes this good old game worthwhile to play even though the actual game play will keep you coming back for more and you may even become addicted to playing with your cute cuddly petz and watching their puppies play and grow, watching as your Petz genetics are passed down from generation to generation. Petz is an old game that's still got a loyal community and its only getting bigger and stronger!


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    • profile image

      eleanor 2 years ago

      holy crap i remember those old games. I used to play them all the time.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      Where can I actually download this game?

    • profile image

      buAea2 6 years ago

      From Where can i get the disks because im from kuwait so i can't find this disk in my country ... when i was kid i have this disck but i want it now !! please helppp!!!

    • profile image

      Brittany 6 years ago

      I like dogs

    • KarmaWolf profile image

      KarmaWolf 6 years ago from Indiana

      You have to buy the disks, they are really really cheap on ebay.

    • profile image

      vladinr 6 years ago

      i need to play that gam man

    • profile image

      Justin 6 years ago

      When I was little I was playing this game.

      How do I download? not find it anywhere

    • KarmaWolf profile image

      KarmaWolf 7 years ago from Indiana

      In my personal opinion its a lot better. I had Tamagotchis when i was a kid and they weren't near as fun as this game, this is a game you'll go back to over and over instead of play for awhile and then get bored with it, its also less annoying! lol

    • profile image

      parveen86 7 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      i is it anything like the old tamagotchis?