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Phantom Saucer - Could This New As Seen on TV Magic Toy Do More For Kids Than Meets The Eye?

Updated on August 12, 2014

Benefits of Learning and Performing Magic Tricks

There are many benefits for kids in learning and performing magic tricks. Here are a few-

1. Builds confidence

2. Learn tools to over-come anxiety

3. Public Speaking Skills

4. Improve Motor Skills

5. Learn How to Receive Compliments and Criticism

What is the Fascination with Magic For Kids?

Performing magic tricks has long been a fun activity for kids. As spectators they are fascinated by the magical illusions. You see the look on their faces- “Whoa! How'd they do that?!”. They are truly in awe. When they receive their first Magic Tricks Kit for Christmas or a birthday they have a blast performing for anyone who will watch. They love to see the amazement on your face and see if you can figure out how they did it, which was pretty obvious but you keep your mouth closed. They have a huge sense of pride and it propels them to keep going and to find more and more people to perform for.

I remember walking through the streets in Europe and being drawn to the various magicians and street performers and being amazed with what they could. I found myself not only thinking “how did they do that?” in regards to the actual tricks but also “how can they do this in front of all these people day after day, night after night?”. It takes a lot of confidence to get out there in front an audience to perform. Which made me realize how beneficial it is for kids to perform magic tricks of their own.

How Can Performing Magic Tricks Help Kids?

Could performing magic tricks as a kid help with public speaking, self esteem, and overall confidence?

What I've found is- absolutely. Most children games are teaching life lessons of some sort. Learning and performing magic tricks is a great way to develop public speaking skills and a sense of ones self. As with any performing art, the performer is sharing a part of themselves, which can be a scary thing. The more a person gets up in front of a group to perform the more comfortable they get. Performing in general helps to develop self discipline, language skills, and gain tools to over-come anxiety. There's an amazing sense of accomplishment and power that a child can feel after successfully delivering a performance of any kind. Magic tricks have the added ability of improving motor skills.

Dr. Dido Green of Tel Aviv University's School of Health Professionals has integrated the use of performing magic tricks as a way to improve the motor skills of disabled children.

Learning and performing magic tricks has been shown to benefit children with Autism. As they face challenges behaviorally, socially and with motor coordination, learning magic tricks can help in all of these areas. In a classroom setting the magic tricks can encourage an autistic child to be social, develop and respond to facial expressions, express emotion, learn and understand codes of social conduct, improve listening skills, how to give and receive compliments as well as criticism, and improve their gross and fine motor skills.

Phantom Saucer

Phantom Saucer As Seen on TV
Phantom Saucer As Seen on TV | Source

How Does The Phantom Saucer Work?

Although a magician never shares their secrets we will share the secret of the Phantom Saucer. Phantom Saucer is connected to an invisible string which can be attached to the magicians ear, leaving their hands free to create the magic. They can come up with their own movements with their hands and their body to really get a good show going.

Phantom Saucer is a fun magic trick that can provide children with all the benefits of learning and performing magic tricks. They will have a lot of fun putting together their performance and sharing it with their audience.


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