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Phasmatis' No More Heroes 2 Million Gunman Boss Strategy

Updated on March 9, 2010

The Million Gunman battle takes place in a large vault with multiple floors. What the boss’s strategy is is to shoot you with special gold bullets from afar, this is his special attack and he does a lot of damage with his regular gun as well. This boss is rather cowardly and will run away pretty quickly and go through one of the many doors and only to pop out somewhere else.

Now beating this guy is pretty easy, shockingly easy in fact when you figure out the right formula and I of coarse did and am sharing it with you now. The secret is in the number of attacks you do. If you hit the A button more than four times he can get off a multi shot at you because you never hit him with the fifth move which is a sword plunge. Yet if you don’t hit the A button more than four times you stop while he is still dodging around and once he stops you can go back on the attack. Remember though only hit the A button a maximum of 4 times anymore and he can do his multi shot move which there is no blocking.

Follow this technique and you should have him down in no time. Even under the worst health you can easily defeat him as he never will be able to attack you as you will be ready to attack as soon as he is done doing his little dodge dance. All you have to watch out now for is his long range special gold bullet. This attack ricochets off of the walls to hit you so don’t think that because you are behind something that you are safe.

Thanks for using my strategy and enjoy playing No More Heroes 2.


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