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Phasmatis' No more Heroes 2 Margaret boss fight stratagy

Updated on March 9, 2010


                This boss is tricky, as a long range specialist you would be more likely to think of why you aren’t allowed to fight her as Henry who would be perfectly suited for this battle. Well that isn’t how the ball bounced and we are forced to fight her as Travis, but no worries as I have your back with a strategy to beat this boss easy.

                Alright first we have to know our enemy. Margaret also known as the angel of death has two scythe weapons which double as long range guns. Up close they are not as dangerous as they are far away, but make no mistake she is good at ether close range or long distance. Now in the beginning she will be perched at the top of a billboard and when you get close she does a special move where she impacts the ground where you are knocking you to it. She will then proceed to warp away and take up her long distance mode.

                Now the long distance mode’s shots can be blocked but doing so sucks up too much energy that it isn’t worth it. The only logical thing to do then is to get up close as easily and as quickly as possible to deal the most damage. The problem being is she will keep shooting at you and while these shots don’t take much health away they do knock you to the ground and are quite annoying.

                The technique I figured out is that to get up close you keep emergency dodging forward. The bullets will go right over you and you will be right up next to her to deal some damage. Now she will be likely to kick you away but this is okay, just keep dodging toward her and you should be fine. If you need more health some pizza slices appear from the broken roof units or you can use the full pizza at the beginning of the battle.

                Now you may eventually need to charge up and the best way to do this is to get behind a roof unit but not too close and begin charging as fast as you can. You probably will take a hit while doing this but that is okay. A little health sacrifice if you will, in order to beat her. Keep employing the strategy and you should beat her in no time with minimal annoyance.

                Thanks for using this strategy in your battle and please enjoy playing No More Heroes 2.


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