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Gears of War 2: How to up your chainsawing action

Updated on February 24, 2010

Greetings and welcome, if you are reading this then you must want to up your chain sawing action and look awesome and be hated by those you’ve killed. I want to say congrats on coming to the right place. I am a great chain sawer and can be called a master. Though it is time I passed my knowledge on to you the gamers out there who will kick total arse with what I am about to tell you.


Around the Corner Technique

                Alright let’s start out with the method I perfected and I do me perfected. This method is guaranteed to work if you use it right, if you don’t then that is on you not my method. Though I should warn you now that it will not work all the time as all methods are subjected to the conditions of the battle but this one will up your chainsaw killage.

                Alright lets get started first and foremost you want to find yourself a corner you can hide behind. This is a sneak attack method. Now the corner you want to choose needs to be secluded but on a path enemies will take. Try to find one that you yourself won’t get hit from behind with but gives you a good view down the path so you can see them coming but they can’t see you.

                That last statement is important; you don’t want to be seen. This is how you do it, stand, not enter cover next to the wall or pillar depending on the level. If you enter into cover then you will have to waste precious seconds to exit it, not to mention the issues you will have prepping your chainsaw for attack. Now you are standing up against the wall, not entered into cover, you do not want to have your chainsaw revving. That noise will give you away and will ruin your chance for attack.

                Now someone has come along and you see him. Wait until they are close and if you are in a good spot and hidden well they will not know you’re around the corner, well they will but when they do it will be too late. Okay they have moved within distance, activate your chainsaw and round the corner right into them. Since you weren’t in cover you don’t lose those second preparing you just attack. Now here is the dangerous part. If they have a team mate he will most likely try to chainsaw you. Most of the time this will be unavoidable but if you manage to quickly move around the person after finishing chain sawing the person you might be able to get his team mate. This is especially fun to do as it makes you look very bad arsed.

                That is the technique, use it in good health and remember to have fun, else wise why play?


Charger Technique

                This is not my technique but something many do. Its deployment is simple and very susceptible to shotgun damage, so be careful in its use.

                Okay here is how you do it. If you are in a group all the better for your chances of success. First you head toward the other player minding enemy fire. It is best if you catch them off guard and really fun if you get them in the back. You probably already use this method yourself or will soon enough but here is how you can improve your chances.

                Play it smart! This is all important and will determine whether you succeed or fail. If they enemy has a shotgun, don’t charge. If they are attack you and you don’t have a close enough distance, don’t charge. If there are three other guys with him, DON’T CHARGE!

                If the other player is distracted, charge. If they are engaged with another person, charge and hit them in the back. If they are about to round a corner, wait and charge.

                Figuring out when and when not to charge will improve your chances of success when using the Charger Technique


Payback Technique

                This technique is near fool proof, though I have beaten it so it can be done so watch out. Essentially the only way you can fail is if you ether lag or are not paying attention or gave them an opening.

                The technique is simple in its deployment, someone is chain sawing your teammate and you have come along. What you want to do is activate your chainsaw and move to his rear. Keep holding it up and when he finishes his chain sawing yours will begin. This technique is easy and simple to deploy and is quite fun as well.


Countering Chainsaw attacks

                You now know how to do them but how do you beat them? Well let me tell you there are a few thing you can do. First is the shotgun defense. Shotguns are the one thing that seemed to ruin a good chainsaw maneuver. Simply aim and shoot and you can drop the dumb arse is about 2 to 3 shots, 1 if you hit him in the head.

                Say though they are already on you then simple tap B and hit them. This will deactivate their chainsaw and give you a couple seconds to attack. What you want to do is use the shotgun again or if you want to risk it bring out your Lancer and chainsaw them back. Though I would more recommend the Shotgun approach over trying to chainsaw them.


There you have it, good proven techniques to deploy and up your killage in Gears of War 2. Now go out there and use these methods and make yourself some bitches. Pass these techniques on to your friends if you want and you could even form a chain sawing team. Best of luck and have a great game.



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