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Picnic Relay Games for Kids and Adults

Updated on March 9, 2016
Picnics are a great time for fellowship.
Picnics are a great time for fellowship. | Source

Community picnics create memories, build relationships and are just plain fun. They provide time to connect with family, meet neighbors and enjoy delicious summertime food. Some of the best childhood photos are captured at picnics.

However, they can also be a hassle to organize and plan. If you are hosting a picnic, add some games to the itinerary. They might be messy, but games are an opportunity to laugh and enjoy each fellowship. Below are a few relay games to consider.

Paint-a-Picture Relay

This fun activity might leave you with a hilarious souvenir. You will need a hula hoop, large pieces of paper, paint and brushes, and something to hang the paper on. If you happen to have art easels handy, they will work great. Or, you can attach the paper to a wall, or even just lay it on the ground. You can also use markers or crayons instead of paint.

Divide the guests into two or three groups. One person at a time must run to the hula hoop (someone will hold each side of the hoop), then crawl through the hoop. Then he/she will run to the paper and draw part of a picture for thirty seconds. (One person must be in charge of monitoring the time, with a sand dial or stop watch.)

Then he/she must run back to the group and tag the next member to do the relay. He/she will add to the picture. For example, if the first person drew a tree then he/she will add apples, birds, flowers, etc. Whichever group finishes the relay first, wins! Be sure to take photos of each group with their masterpieces.

A buried treasure game might be messy, but it will be fun!
A buried treasure game might be messy, but it will be fun! | Source

Buried Treasure Relay Game

This activity requires a small sandbox. You could just fill a kiddie pool, or large container with sand. In the sand hide "treasures". These could be things such a cheap sunglasses, party favors, plastic toys, etc.

Divide each team into two or three groups. Each team will have one member at a time run to the treasure box to try to find a treasure in the sand. After they find the treasure, they will run back to the team and the next player will go. The first team that finishes wins the game!

You do not have to have separate treasure boxes - one will work just fine. You could also combine a dress-up relay with this game. If you just happen to have large pirate costumes, you could require each player to put on the costume before they look for treasure.

Whipped Cream Beards Relay

This game will require whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and a spoon. The goal is for members to make whipped cream beards, complete with chocolate sprinkles, on each others' faces. It is easiest to use whipped cream that comes out of a can.

Divide the guests into equal groups. Then one member from each group must sit in a chair, about twenty feet away from the team line. The next member must run to the chair and create a shaving cream beard on his/her face. Then, throw a few chocolate sprinkles on the beard. The bearded member will then run back to the end of the line, and the member who made the beard, now gets in the hot seat, and the game continues.

This game is a fun photo moment for sure! At the end, snap a picture of the all the guests showing off their new beards.

The rubber ducky relay game will allow everyone a chance to sing and be silly.
The rubber ducky relay game will allow everyone a chance to sing and be silly. | Source

Rubber Ducky Swim Relay

For this game all, all participants must be in swimsuits or clothes they they don't mind get wet. You will need two small kiddle pools, and two rubber duckies.

Divide guests into equal teams. The participants must run, one at a time, to grab the rubber ducky. Then, they must run to the kiddie pool, and sit in the water. They must let the rubber ducky swim, and sing, "Oh, rubber ducky, you're the one! You make bathtime lots of fun!"

When the player is finished singing, he/she will run with the rubber ducky and place it back in the spot. Then he or she will run back to his team and the next member does the relay. This game is hilarious and might be a time for capturing a quick funny video.

Marshmallow Tower and Watermelon Roll Relay

This game will require marshmallows, two watermelons, and small tables.

The guests will need to be divided into two teams. One participant at a time will be required to roll a watermelon to a table. When they get to the table, he/she must stack a marsmallow on top of another marshmallow to create a tower. (The tower will eventually topple over.) Then he/she must roll the watermelon back for the next guest to plan. The first team to finish wins!

Which game is your favorite?

Please choose which game you like the best!

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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 

      2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Good Morning Rachel This is truly a very interesting hub, the game ideas are amazing, well written, sounds like excellent fun ideas for the entire family and with the warm outdoor weather approaching fast. Enjoy your day. Linda


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