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My Pillow Pets-A Special Stuffed Buddy for your Little One

Updated on January 4, 2011

I decided to write this short little Hub to call your attention to the cutest toy available for Christmas, and it doesn't take batteries, just love, to work. Called My Pillow Pets, this is an adorable cuddly little stuffed buddy that transforms into a pillow for your little one or not so little ones. My granddaughter is asking for a My Pillow Pet this year and I have found the complete line of different My Pillow Pets available on, saving me a trip to a busy department store.  And, if I order $25 worth of merchandise, the shipping is free with Amazon's Super Saver Shipping Program.

The Perfect Size and Cuddle Factor

My Pillow Pets are safe for children 3 years old and older, are machine washable, and incredibly soft. Perfect for playtime or naptime at home or on the road. When your child asks to bring a buddy with them, what is more perfect than one that can be cuddled and played with, then when the child becomes sleepy, they can simply undo the strap held with velcro and there is a perfect sized pillow for tired little heads to rest on.

The size is 18 square (13.3 x 10 x 7.1 inches) and accomodates any child, big or small. Also, if you have anyone in the hospital or a nursing home, imagine how a My Pillow Pet would brighten their day.

My Pillow Pet Choices

There are so many different animals to choose from.

They are the cutest and softest pets that double as pillows anywhere:

  • Miss Lady Bug
  • Dog
  • Lavender Unicorn
  • Panda
  • Buzzy Bumblebee
  • Penguin
  • Dolphin
  • Monkey

All Available at

Classic Comfy Panda Pillow Pet - 16" Stuffed Animal Plush Toy
Classic Comfy Panda Pillow Pet - 16" Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Just one of the many choices on the website


Why Buy Online??

Yes, My Pillow Pets are available at toy stores and departments stores but I think Online ordering is better.

Your My Pillow Pet won't have been handled by curious shoppers, unhooked, dropped on the floor. I noticed the My Pillow Pets in my local store actually looked soiled.

Your My Pillow Pet won't have picked up the germs carried by some of those shoppers. Your child's hands and face will be the first on a pillow ordered online.


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