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Pink Haro 2 Still Available Walking Talking Gundam Alarm Clock

Updated on December 16, 2010

Haro 2 Gundam Alarm Clock

These toys the Pink Haro 2 is a walking, talking gundam alarm clock. This is a hard toy to find, anywhere I have looked has been out of stock. But I have found some and I am bringing the deals to you. Get this for christmas before your not able to find it. These toys can be a little confusing to use because the instructions only come in Japanese, but below theirs the best translation I could find.

Their are different Haro Seeds out their that are activated by sound or voice. These are sold out and hard to find out but they have the alarm clock ones out now.

Instructions for Haro 2 in English

To set time

  • ┬áPress Button C
  • It will say jiken waa
  • Press A for morning 1 am to 12 pm, and B for afternoon, 1 pm to 12 am
  • ┬áThen C to confirm
  • It will say jiken waa again or similar
  • Press A To set the hour
  • Press C to confirm time
  • It will say Hon we
  • Press A To set the nearest 10 minutes
  • Press BTo set the nearest minute
  • Press C to confirm
  • Once done, Haro will flap its ears.

Gundam DVD

Also take a look at the gundam dvd set this anime has been able to lure even some of the toughest audiences. People who had never watched anime find themselves watching this fast pace anime show that will keep you hooked.


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    • profile image

      Cherri 6 years ago

      Are they still available?

    • profile image

      Kris 6 years ago


      I can't find a date on this page, are the haros still available?