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Pink remote control cars, Barbie rc Cars, & gifts for girls for sale

Updated on December 3, 2015

Pink Remote Control /RC cars for sale for Girls.

Pink remote control cars for girls are hard to locate and are usually out of stock quite quickly. These awesome toys for girls offer hours of fun and educational opportunities.

Pink RC toys become more expensive when there is a shortage on the market, e-bay prices tend to rise towards Christmas as every parent across the globe clamours for these fantastic toys.

NB: Some of these RC vehicles may be out of stock in the run up to Christmas. Please order early to avoid disappointment.


There are many different battery chargers available on the market. Some are solar powered which take longer to charge but do not cost any more money after the initial investment. Others are rapid chargers which need an electricity supply. Investing in one of these will greatly reduce the expense of replacing batteries.

Barbie RC Convertible Corvette & Doll

( Picture Above ) Stick the word 'Barbie' on any remote control car and the price will always rise. This Convertible Corvette comes complete with a doll in a glittery pink dress. This is a limited edition and may not be available on a constant basis.

Batteries are not included but requires 4 x 'C' batteries for the vehicle and 1 x 9v battery for the handset. This is a lovely pink remote controlled car for the movie stars in all growing girls. Not for children under the age of 3 years.

Barbie Love Bug

The love bug has hit town. This larger than average pink Barbie remote control car is big enough to be awesome. A full foot long of pink plastic to make every little girls want one. Also six inches in height and six inches in width.

The recommended age is ten years and upward. Comes with open windows and a sun roof.

My Little Pony Mini Remote Control Car

This My Little Pony pink remote control car is cute and elegant and ideal for a young and impressionable Princess. Brilliant as a first girls RC vehicle with a long lasting battery charge.

For ages 3 and upwards, this mini remote control car is ideal as a Birthday or Christmas gift and is cheap enough as a stocking filler. Also available in Strawberry Shortcake Style.

Please click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

A convertible pick remote controlled automobile for beach days with the dolls. Every girls dream to be able to place her dolls or little stuffed animals in a vehicle and ride with them around their bedroom.

The convertible allows them to place all sorts of stuff inside the car for transportation to imaginary beaches, shopping malls and diners.

Suitable for two sharing children.

The AWESOME Ride On MP3 with Remote Control

This is an excellent and well manufactured RC car. This lean, mean pink machine has a dual control module, it can be controlled via the remote control unit for parental supervision or manual for the children to drive whilst sitting in it. One child can comfortable sit inside, maybe two at a squeeze, and it has an MP3 fitting inside, just like mum and dads car.

This fantastic vehicle is suitable for ages from approximately 3 - 6 years and will bring many hours of delight for any aspiring princess. The headlights work with the use of a dynamo and the 12v car battery is easily charged. Seat belts are fitted as standard and is also available in silver. All purchases can be returned for refunds or exchanges if not completely satisfied.

Dora The Explorer

Very cute pink remote controlled wrangler Jeep for a girl. Lovingly designed and commercialized for Dora The Explorer fans. The handset is in the shape of a mobile phone, another item accessory deemed important by little girls.

This is an excellent gift idea for a Dora fan as she can also put her favorite dolls inside and take them for a spin. Although the number buttons on the handset do not work, as they are for appearance only, this RC car will mainly work on wood or tiled floors.

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