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Pirate Party Games - Birthday Fun!

Updated on September 7, 2013

Ahoy Matey Searching for some party games for ye pirate birthday parrrty? Well ye have come to the right place! Brrrowse through great game ideas both for kids and adults.

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Pirate Birthday Party Games Ideas

Treasure Hunt - can't have a pirate party without this game! There are many ways you can play this game! Hide the treasure (golden candy coins are the best) before the game starts and hide it well. If you are having a party outside you can even burry the treasure (in a safe chest) and equip the kids with a toy shovel.

  • treasure map - each kid (or a group of kids) get's a treasure map. All they have to do is follow the directions on the map (20 steps north, 2 yards south, 5 hands left, you can use any measuring unit you want as long as it is somewhat accurate).
  • clue hunt - this might be even more fun as you can make separate clues (or in different order) for different groups and it can become a competition on who finds the treasure first. Use post-it notes and write clues on them as to where the next post-it note can be found. Use riddles to make this game more fun and though provoking.
  • pieces of the puzzle - a combination of previous two variations. Kids first use post-it notes clues to get pieces of the map (you cut the map on many pieces) and when they collect all pieces they use the map to find the treasure.

Sink The Ship - Fast and Fun Pirate Party Game that requires some skills

Prepare the cannons and sink that ship! Give the kids some colorful paper (each kid or a team getting their color). Have them make paper boats (teach them if needed, if you don't know how here is the tutorial)

When kids have their battle ships made place put them in the water (small inflatable pool, pond, buckets...). Arm the kids with cannons - either water guns, slingshots, foam balls... Let them fire at "enemy" ships - either by taking turns or let them go on a shooting frenzy. The winner? Last ship standing.

Man overboard!

When being a pirate falling overboard is something that eventually happens. This party game is all about saving those little pirates that manage to fall overboard.

Print out some pirate images (you can find the one used on the picture here - it is public domain so you are free to use it any way you want). Glue them on wooden sticks and stick them in the ground (at different lengths away from the throwing line). Each pirate is worth a certain amount of points (you set the amount, the one that is the furthest should be worth the most points). If you wish you can also add some shark fins with negative points.

Have the guests stand behind the throwing line and take turns in throwing rings at the pirates "overboard". If the ring stays on the pirate the player is awarded points.

You can play this either by setting the amount of times a person can throw a ring and the winner is the one that has most points or you can play until someone gets a certain number of points.

Make a pirate flag game

This will be fun for the kids, if you will be having team games it is best this is the first activity as kids can make their own team flag.

Let each team have black paper or fabric and some white paper or fabric so that they can make the basic black flag with skull and bones. Instruct each team to make an additional detail on the flag (each team in their own color) that will make it personal (bandanna, scars, earrings, additional details on the flag, whatever)

Pin the eye patch or a parrot on the pirate party game

Your classic pin the tail on the donkey game with a pirate twist to it

Steel the loot - another fun pirate game!

You can play this game either with loot bags (small pouches) or small balloons.

Have each guest tie one bag or balloon around his or her belt (on the back). The aim of this game is to steel or pop other people's balloons or bags.

Pop Up Pirate Game

This game has been around for quite a while now and there isn't a event more appropriate to play it than a pirate birthday party.

Kids take turn in sliding the swords into the barrel. At any given time the pirate in the barrel can pop up as the kid places the sword in (when this happens the kid is out). Winner is the last one remaining.


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