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Pixel Federation-Apps on Facebook-Trainstation Game

Updated on November 18, 2013

Facebook Apps.

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Finding Trustworthy Apps to play games on Facebook, can be a difficult challenge! Perhaps you ask, "What is a trustworthy app?" I consider an app. to be trustworthy, when it does not abuse your personal information, ie; (Credit Card). That's a big plus in my book! Also to be taken into consideration is, (Viruses, Mal-Ware) etc.

I myself, have been using an app. from, PixelFederation, on Facebook for about three years now. It is a wonderful Game called Trainstation. Never even one time, have I had reason to be concerned about anything, other than my Game Play! And I appreciate that. Here, on this post, I would like to share with you some of the numerous features, and exciting game play that can be found, when you operate your own Trainstation.


In The Beginning.

When first you begin your journey, with Trainstation, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere! Cactus Plants, and Sunshine, that's about it.

Soon you will be Constructing Buildings and "buying" Locomotives. And Trainstation offers all kinds of Locomotives. You can Assemble trains with, Steam Powered Locomotives in the beginning, and as you progress and earn Experience Points, you gain access to, Diesel Powered Locomotives, and Electric Locomotives, as well as, Magnetic Levitation Trains.

Building A Metropolis

About as fast as you get started, you will be expanding your city. As you expand, many,many options will open up to you. Before you know it, you have run out of space, and will be looking for bigger, better cities. With each different city that you accumulate, you will have access to bigger and more productive buildings and equipment. You will also have access to bigger, more powerful Engines.

Now as you progress in the game, you will find it necessary to buy Storage Space.
Storage Space allows the player to keep an adequate supply of necessary items used in the game. When you buy buildings for use in your City, you will find that different buildings, come with different values attached. The bigger the building you place, the more benefits you will receive. I.E. More passengers per Hour for your Station. Each time you buy something with your Gold Coins, or your Materials, you will receive experience Points. Point Value is dependent on cost of item being bought.

Experience Points, as well as Gold Coin is earned, when Passengers are transported, as well as when Mail is delivered.


Steam Locomotives get you started

When first starting out, you will only be able to buy Steam Locomotives. Again, you are "Buying" items with Gold Coins earned throughout game play. And of course, you always have the option, to purchase what you need with Real Money to advance quicker in the game.

I have to admit that, over the course of about three years time, I have spent, around $50-75.00, all of these transactions being of $9.99 each. Sometimes you just have to have it now!

The Steam Locomotives, vary in power. They start about 3-5 power, and eventually Locomotives of up to 45 power are obtainable. The Tax for Dispatching Steam Locomotives, is Gold Coin.


Diesel Power Engines

As game play advances, you gain more experience points. The more experience points you have, you can purchase more powerful Diesel Engine Locomotives.

Some of the Diesel Locomotives start at 9-11 Power, Capable of pulling 9-11 Cargo Wagons, or Passenger Cars. Special Wagons have only experience point value, and can be put into service as well. The Tax for Dispatching Diesel Engines, is Fuel.


Electric Power Engines

Electric Power Engines are quite the delight.

Electric Engines are best for Passenger Transport, and Mail Delivery. Of course, they may be used for cargo transport, if desired. Many of the engines used in Trainstation Game, are available in Single, Double, Triple, and some even Quad configuration.

All of the engines in Trainstation Game, are exact replicas of, Engines of yesteryear, and Engines of today.

The Tax for Dispatch of Electric Engines, is Electricity.


Magnetic Levitation Trains (Mag Lev)

Magnetic Levitation Trains, are High Speed, High Capacity Trains.

Passengers, or Cargo may be hauled at high speed to the selected destination. Mag Lev Trains, are futuristic and space age in appearance.

The Tax for Dispatch on Mag Lev Trains, is Electricity.

Train Rides

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Worthwhile Time Investment

Without a doubt, Pixel Federations, Trainstation Game is Fun. Just a peaceful relaxing game.
It challenges the mind, and stretches the imagination.

As indicated earlier, I have been playing Trainstation for about three years now. I have traveled all the way up to level 173 as of today. 11-15-2013

With over 600 Levels of play, one can only imagine what lies ahead.


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