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Pixo Design Stations and Refills

Updated on September 8, 2012

PixOs is the one of the many toys produced by Spin Master. Spin Master has many other toy products you may have seen advertised on TV such as Moon Dough and AquaSand, Now Pixos have updated their toy and now bring you Micro Pixos. Micro Pixos allow you to put more detail in your work and can also help you make 3-d designs!

How to use Pixos

The using Pixos is relatively simple. You are given little bags full of colored balls. Place a row of colors in the Pixo Dispenser Pen. Place the picture of the item you would like to create under the template. The colors will show through the holes. Just use the pen to place the coordinating color to the hole. When you are done with placing all the balls in the correct order then spray with water ( small spray bottle included). The water will "melt" the tiny balls just enough to get them to stick. Let them dry overnight and you have a cool creation! Now I caution the parent who has a small child or one who gets easily frustrated. The little balls are difficult to place from the pen to the template for younger children who have little coordination! My son used to get upset every time the little ball would bounce around and not go where it was supposed to.

Pixos Deco Light

 PixOs Deco light is one of the newer and creative ways to use PixOs. The Deco Light is a perfect night light or just fun to watch your creations glow.  This kit comes with 1050 PixOs and a tray. Also included is the light a suction tool and instruction book.  This product is recommended or ages four and up.  Four customers gave this PixOs  set  four and half stars out of five.  Parents really liked the fact you could make your own night light. Some parents found PixOs difficult for their little one to do on their own.    This PixOs set is almost sold out!

Pixos Micros Show 'N Glow Studio

 The PixOs Micro Show and Glow Studio is another fun way to make your creations light up the night.  This PixO set will allow you to create three dimensional critters with three different molds.  The set included 2000 Micro Pixos, a Storage Unit, a bottle and eye dropper and a water tray with a lid.  Also included is a suction tool, three molds, six plastic bases and a light up set.  The molds make it easier to build and the drying time is faster.

Pixos Disney Fairies

 Pixos  has set for the Disney Fairies or for the Disney Cars.  Make beautiful fairy wings out of Pixos or accessorize a car. One Disney character play piece is included in each set to accessorize.  The set comes with 500 pixos, 2-D design tray, a double sided template, a plastic Disney character, 2 sticky dots and a reusable themed package.  One customer review gave this toy four out of five stars.  She claims her five year old loves them.  Her daughter was completely enthralled with helping Tinkerbelle fly by making her wings.

 If you go to the Pixos website you can load up cool templates for your Pixo designs.

Pixos Deco Kits Suncatcher

Looking for a quick little gift?  Try the Pixo Deco Kits Suncatcher.  This cute little set makes three different suncatchers. There are three molds to choose from and 500 Pixos to make your creations. This product received four and half stars out of five from two customer reviews.   Moms like this because it give your child a chance to display their artwork rather than have it clutter up a drawer.

Pixos Exclusive Pink Starter Set

 If you aren’t sure if your child will love Pixos then purchase a starter set.  The Pixos Exclusive Pink Starter set  comes with a four chamber pen for your Pixos,  three design trays, a spray bottle and 500 Pixos.  The Pixos also have design templates to help  your child make their Pixo creations.  One customer gave this toy five out of five stars.

Pixos Ultimate Design Station

The Pixos Ultimate Design Station allows you to create 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional designs. This toy includes moving parts such as hinges and wheels add to your creation. It has one 3-D design with 4 3 -D shapes. The Pixos Ultimate Design station provides a place for your Pixos, in the Pixos Sorter and dispenser. The Pixos Ultimate Design Station also has a hose fan which maximizes the drying time. This fan can also act as a clamp to hold their creations when they are dry. 500 Pixos come with this kit so be sure to stock up on some more. This set also needs 2 AA batteries that are not included. This producat received two and a half stars out of five. Parents were put off that younger children need more assistance. They will need assistance as sometimes the balls roll away until the are sprayed. My sone loves Pixos and yes he does get a little frustrated. However I use this as a tool to learn how to handle frustration.

Pixos Storage Unit

  If you are serious about your Pixos then you better get a storage unit.  Sure zip lock baggies are fine, but then you find yourself spending more time sorting your pixos then playing.  The Pixo Storage Unit is relatively inexpensive and can hold up to six different colors.  Also included is a Pixo bead dispenser

PixOs Refill:Crystal

 Don't forget those refills!  Get the best sun catcher look with the crystal pixos refills.  750 colorful Pixos  that are translucent.  In this refill pack you will get five different colors.  Customers rate the Pixos Crystal Refill with an average of four and half stars out of five.  Customers love the way they catch the light.  Some customers commented on  how you can download patterns on the Pixo Website.

PixOs Modern Refill

 The PixOs Modern refill contains 750 PixOs in five modern cool colors.  Make sure you stock up today!


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