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Planetside 2

Updated on August 26, 2015

What is Planetside 2?

Planetside 2 is a MMOFPS game that takes place on the planet Auraxis. Unlike most shooters, this games battles can last for several hours of continuous attacking and defending. There are five continents, one in which can not be accessed past level 15, that provide unique and beautiful textures to your battles. The continents include:

  • Koltyr-The first continent you start on.You lose access to it once you reach rank 15. There are a total of 9 facilities, 6 of which can be captured.
  • Amerish-A continent filled with with lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes.
  • Indar-A very wide and sprawling continent, a large landmass with mountains and roads weaving through the many paths going in and out of facilities. Indar has a total of 52 facilities that can be captured.
  • Hossin-A continent covered in swamps. Great place for the stealthy type. There are 88 total territories on Hossin.
  • Esamir-A frozen continent covered in ice. There are only 15 facilities here that can be captured.

With the exception of Amerish, each continent can be eventual controlled by one of the three factions if a certain amount of territories are controlled by them. Like was stated above, taking a continent can take hours to accomplish. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much of a reward for actually taking a continent anyway so it doesn't matter too much.

The Factions

There are three factions that are present in Planetside 2.

  • The Terran Republic-"The Terran Republic was formed by the unified Earth government after global war in the 25th century. Their idea of freedom was a bit more strict than some would like but many argue it has successfully kept Earth without war for hundreds of years. Their time on Auraxis has caused them to rely heavily on their honed military tactics and wide reaching resources. They were the originators of the colonization effort of Auraxis. The New Conglomerate see them as an oppressive and tyrannical government. The Vanu see them as unenlightened about the benefits harnessing the alien technology their way would bring. It's no surprise they must fight both factions for their cause."
  • The New Conglomerate-"The New Conglomerate was initially formed on Earth as a mega collective of civilian corporations who worked alongside the Terran Republic until they felt that the Republic's rules were too strict. The N.C. feel that any form of control is "oppression" and that they fight for liberty and freedom. The Vanu see them as unenlightened about the benefits harnessing the alien technology their way would bring. The Republic see them as rebels that would destroy their democratic way of life and form an oligarchy under their corporate masters. It's no surprise they will have to fight both for their cause."
  • The Vanu Sovereignty-"The Vanu Sovereignty are a Transhumanist cult of academics, intellectuals, and technology worshippers who believe human destiny lies in the further development and exploitation of the alien technology. They viewed the rules the republic put on their research as oppressive and fight for the freedom to experiment on, alter, and integrate human beings with the alien technology that was found on Auraxis. They believe all this is the key to the future and are willing to do anything in pursuit of this goal. Of course this is at odds with both the Terran Republic and New Conglomerates views that they could end up destroying all of mankind or render us no longer human by all the integration and alteration. It's no surprise they must fight both for their cause."

They all have their own style of weapons, armor, and vehicles, and their colors are all different: red, blue and purple respectively.

The Currencies

There are three types of currency: Nanite Resources, Daybreak cash or Battle Cash, and certs.

Nanites are used to spawn in vehicles and MAX units as well as consumables like grenades and medpacks. You get a set amount depending on if you're a member or not. (members get 75 while non-members get 50).

Daybreak Cash or Battle Cash is premium currency used to buy armor and weapons and upgrades.

Certs are an alternate form of currency used to buy weapons and vehicles upgrades. You get 1 cert for ever 250 experience gained.


The vehicles are generally the same for all three factions, they all just have a different skin for the most part. There are four kinds of vehicles: Light assault, Heavy assault, aerial, and transport.

Light and heavy assault vehicles are obviously used for assault purposes. These include tanks, and dirt-bike-like vehicles. Aerial vehicles are air vehicles used to rain down hell from above. And finally transport vehicles are used to transport units.

Transport vehicles are extremely useful for large battles. The sunderer is a land vehicle that works as a spawn point and has two mounted turrets on the top of it that work as gunner seats. The Galaxy is an air transport unit that has 12 available seats in it.

Assault vehicles include the Flash and harasser, both are used by all three factions. Heavy assault contain the Lightning which is used by all factions, the Prowler (TR), the Vanguard (NC) and the Magrider (VS).

Aerial vehicles include the Reaver (NC), the Scythe (VS), and the mosquito (TR), as well as the Liberator which is used by all factions.


Choosing the right class is always important, it can help determine how a battle will turn out. An extra medic will ensure more soldiers will stay alive and an extra MAX unit will provide additional gun fire during a battle. There are six different classes:

Infiltrators-The "Sneaky" class. This class allows you to use snipers, smgs, and marksman rifles as well as use a cloaking ability to sneak by other players. You can also hack into enemy turrets and terminals to allow your empire to use them.They also have motion sensor devices to sense enemies and put them on your map.

Light assault-This class is the basic class you can use. You unlock it from the start of the game and uses standard assault rifles and has a jetpack.

Medic-The medic class can heal themselves and nearby allies, as well as bring back recently killed ones.

Engineer-The engineers can repair vehicles, terminals, turrets and MAX units. Pretty much repair anything that is a machine. They also carry turrets that are manual or auto to provide additional fire power.

Heavy Assault-This class carries LMGs and Rocket launchers. They also have a bonus shield.

MAX units-This is the most powerful class. It costs nanites to spawn in. They carry two weapons at once and have a high defense. Use this class during oversized battles.

For more gameplay of Planetside 2 check out my channel on YouTube Team Jella

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