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Plants Vs. Zombies : Battle for Neighborville Founder's Edition Review

Updated on September 15, 2019
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I have been a hardcore gamer for over 30 years. I live and breathe gaming.

Zombie Hub

A.K.A Garden Warfare 3

My son is Nine years old and has been asking me the same question for almost Two years now "Daddy when is Garden Warfare 3 coming out?" and I've really never had an answer for him as I hadn't heard any news of it so imagine my surprise when the Founders Edition of Plants Vs. Zombies : Battle for Neighborville just popped up in the Playstation store a couple weeks ago, I of course bought it right away and started playing some couch co-op with my son and I've now played enough to have formed a solid opinion on it.

The Founders Edition gives you early access of sorts as the full game doesn't come out until October 18 but if you purchase the Founders Edition you get the full game at release at no extra cost, They are opening up a few parts of the game each week leading up to release and you can login each week to collect exclusive founders only rewards.

I've been playing these games with my son pretty much his whole life and they have always been our favorite games to play together and thus far this newest iteration is a ton of fun but it has some downsides and is by no means perfect, so let me get into the pros and the cons


Right off the bat I want to mention one of my favorite new features in this game the fact that you can actually sprint around now, one of the few things I disliked about the other two games was how slow most of the characters were, this feature makes much,much less tedious moving around the different maps.

Besides the characters returning from GW2 there are Six new characters to choose from, there is Acorn,Snapdragon and Nightcap on the plants side and 80's Action Hero,Space Cadet Zombie and Electric Slide on the Zombies, all with brand new ways to play the game.,some of the returning characters have also had their abilities tweaked a bit.

There are also four new PVE areas to explore and complete quests in and a PVP area where you can just mess around and practice against other players and a separate Town Central for Plants and Zombies, more of a social hub than the private backyard from the last installment of the game.

They have added a couple new ways to customize your experience one of them being Victory Slabs, being able to choose what your opponent sees when you defeat them is a great addition

It is only the second week so I can't review all of the game but what I've experienced so far has been enjoyable and has kept me pretty entertained but there are a few things bothering me about this third installment in a great franchise.


Now every game that comes out these days seems to have it's issues and it's pretty much expected now and PVZ : BFN is no different, it became pretty obvious after just a few matches online that there are Two or Three characters that are very overpowered and they need to nerf some and buff others, character balancing is a must before release.

Another problem I see with the characters is that there are no subclasses , you start with all the base characters unlocked and instead of subclasses you can unlock through stickers you get Seven upgrade points for each character to apply to various skills/bonuses but it's nowhere near as good as the subclass system from the previous games, each subclass felt so different and changed how you played the game, this new upgrade point system just doesn't change the character enough to feel any different not to mention that one of the funnest parts of the other two games was opening sticker packs and trying to unlock those new characters.

The last problem I see is how much harder it's going to be to unlock customizations for all the characters as it is 30,000 coins for a single item now and sticker packs don't exist, you just spend 30,000 coins and get One item from a machine, On top of that you get much less coins from online matches, average 5000-10000 a game,So you're looking at 3-6 matches just to get One item unless you spend money and buy some coins It's going to take a long time to get some of the better items, I was really hoping EA wouldn't do this with PVZ but here we are.

Overall I'm impressed with the game , there is a huge update in graphics and plenty of other things to appreciate, some of these things could change before release.


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