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Plants Vs Zombies: Which Zombie Are You?

Updated on April 24, 2019
Jeremy Gill profile image

When not working as a chemist and business manager, Jeremy enjoys gaming.

Zombies from PvZ
Zombies from PvZ

Plants Vs Zombies Summary

If you've missed out on the Plants Vs Zombies series, then, well, you've missed out. You get to control and strategically place a plethora of lawn warriors to repel the lovably undead zombies, spending "Sun" to position your guardians. There's many plants to choose from, but also a surprising variety of zombies to attack you, too. We already discovered our corresponding plant; today, we'll use a quiz to determine which brain-eating and dopey-looking zombie best suits us. We're going to take flesh-eaters from a variety of games in the series. Let's begin!

Your Zombie

Which undead are you?

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Great, now that we have know your corresponding animated corpse, we can check out the various results below!

Explorer Zombie
Explorer Zombie

Explorer Zombie

You are the adventurous Explorer Zombie. You seek new experiences and challenges, and are always hoping to unearth the next big archaeological discovery. Your rotting flesh doesn't stop your eagerness, and you can move quicker than most other zombies. You lack armor, and fall easily, but you pack a flaming torch that can burn through any plant defender. You're sort of a glass cannon zombie. You work best in groups; other brain-eaters can absorb hits while you get close enough to burn through defenses. Your torch can be put out by freezing plants, such as the Winter Melon, but an unlucky adversary many plant Snapdragons, whose flames can reignite your weapon. Just don't let the fire burn off your precious mutton chops.

Disco-tron 3000
Disco-tron 3000

Disco-tron 3000

You are the fun-loving Disco-tron 3000. For an undead from the future, you sure love the words "groovy" and "far out". You are actually a machine piloted by two zombies. I guess being undead doesn't diminish their aviation skills. Regardless, you take life at your own pace, and love to hang with your friends, who kindly don't make fun of you for your afro-inspired design. You aren't the fastest threat to plants, but your armor and ability to summon allies poses a large danger to the lawn warriors. Your biggest weakness are plants who can shoot through your allies to harm multiple zombies, such as the Laser Bean.

Prospector Zombie
Prospector Zombie

Prospector Zombie

You are the forgetful Prospector Zombie. Not only did you fail to remember to bring armor when battling the plants, you even attack their home from the wrong direction once your stick of dynamite explodes! Not sure how you survive the blast, but your unorthodox approach is actually your greatest strength; most plants can't hit enemies behind them. Thus, your dim-wits serve as a boon to your undead team. Still, watch out for those pesky freezing plants, such as the Iceberg Lettuce, who can extinguish your dynamite before it blows (though fire attacks will reignite it). And avoid warriors who can strike behind them, like the Split Pea. You may be slow, you may be a geezer, but you're a solid team member with a well-groomed beard.

Jester Zombie
Jester Zombie

Jester Zombie

You are the tricky Jester Zombie. According to the game, you've actually attended college (at Chewliard University). You enjoy making others laugh, though for some reason your peers only seem to groan at your antics. Thus, you've decided to take your revenge on the flora of the world. For the uninformed, you are a deadly opponent. You don't have tons of health, but you move faster than most zombies. Even worse, you reflect many projectiles right back at plants by spinning your body rapidly. Many plants will fall to their own weapons thanks to you. But keep an eye out for those who are immune to your counterattack, such as the punching Bonk Choy and the piercing Laser Bean.

Bungee Zombie
Bungee Zombie

Bungee Zombie

You are the wild Bungee Zombie. Whenever man or flora hears your distinctive "YEE-HAH", they know their defenses are in trouble. You constantly seek thrills; what's the point of being undead if you're not gonna live a little? Thus, you forgo armor, instead electing to bungee yourself into the thick of things, and swipe up a plant before anyone notices. You can take out some of the mightiest plants, including Winter Melons, in just one maneuver. Keep an eye out for Umbrella Leaves, which shield plants from your strikes, and Jalapenos, who can burn through an entire row to exterminate you. Your threat was so great that you weren't included in the sequel; for who can defend against the mighty Bungee Zombie?

Zombie Gargantuar (Christmas)
Zombie Gargantuar (Christmas)


You are the meaty Gargantuar. You are admired and respected by your peers, but are stated to be unable to find a girlfriend. Saddened by your lonely corpse life, you wage war on flora everywhere. Not only are you faster and more durable than most brain-eaters, you can crush plants (except Spikerock) in one blow with your weapon, which can be a road sign, a sarcophagus, a shark, or (if you're feeling festive) a candy cane. You also throw your imp friend when your health drops to half. Plants who require ingestion to be effective, such as the Chili Bean and Hypno-shroom, are completely ineffective against you. You're even capable of surviving a blast from the mighty Cherry Bomb. Keep an eye out for explosives such as the Potato Mine and Jalapeno, and try to crush Winter Melons quickly so they don't slow your formidable assault.

The Worst Plants in PvZ

Fear not, fellow zombies, if your hunger for brains hasn't yet been satisfied, pick on these weaklings for some easy prey. But for now, as we await our next batch of undead allies, feel free to share your result and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

© 2015 Jeremy Gill


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