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PlasmaCraft, Liquids, Acids, Caustic Materials Minecraft Mod

Updated on March 2, 2011
For more Minecraft mods, visit:
For more Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

Minecraft is great, but you know what it's lacking? Acids that can and will eat your face off, that's what it's lacking. PlasmaCraft is a mod with a great many possibilities, more possibilities than you can currently imagine. Let's have a look at what's on the table if you download the mod.

PlasmaCraft adds four new ores, Radionite, Plutonium, Neptunium and Obsidum. They are all highly dangerous to everyone in the world. Neptunium is reserved for existence in the Nether and has an orange glow that defies non orangeness. Obsidium is also a Nether dwelling ore which makes your forays into the Nether have some kind of point. All these ores are used in various ways to create tools and protective devices.

There are also six new liquids. These liquids are super awesome.

Acid: As one might expact, acid is fairly detrimental to your health. It's a fast flowing fluid of death that pops up most commonly underground. Mining straight up or straight down has never been this much of a bad idea before. A face full of lava or water was one thing, but they at least move slow enough that a hastily placed cobblestone block will protect you from their rage.

Netherflow: Sort of like acid, but only shows up in the Nether.

Liquid Ores: The four ores also come in liquid form for the purposes of Minecraft chemistry and whatnot.

Other objects of awesomeness:

If you need to travel in areas that could contain unexpected acid flows, a hazmat suit can be crafted. Hazmat suits mean that acid will not harm you, but you'll still be crisped to a cinder if you fall into lava, which makes sense really.

This isn't the most well documented mod you'll ever install. There's a list of recipes sure, but it's an incomplete one because, according to the mod authors 'unlisted ones can be guessed by intuition.' Or by scrying, or perhaps by summoning a daemon who will give you a complete list of recipes in return for your pet bunny's eternal soul.

Here are a few of the unintuitive things you'll be able to craft with this mod:

Reinforced Glass: Reinforced glass is stronger than normal glass but breaks when dropped. Get your head around that one, suckers!

Acid Barrier: A barrier that damages mobs and players that touch it. Stay well clear!

Radionite Boat: A boat that can sail through acid oceans. Caustic materials that would normally eat right through wood will simply make pretty calm rivulets around you.

Should you download this mod? You should.



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