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Play Doh Vs Moon Dough

Updated on December 11, 2016

Play Doh has been the standard toy dough for kids for many years. Now on the market is the new Moon dough. Moon Dough promises to never dry out and can be molded again and again. With this new technology will Play Doh be less popular? Will Moon dough replace it? Let's take a look?

We will take a look at the more well known Play-Doh. Play Doh has been around for over 50 years. Hasbro the maker of Play-Doh has over 50 colors of this product. The public has been involved with the creation of these colors over the years. The public voted for colors such as Purple Paradise and Blue Lagoon. This is a far cry from 1956 when only white Play- doh was available. There have been well over 500 Million containers of Play Doh produced.

And that is just about the dough itself. Play Doh has created many Toys. You can make Play dough cakes, Play Doh ice cream and even Play Doh Pizza. There is something for every age group with Play dough. Even the older children can enjoy the challenge of a play mat and filling in the blanks with Play dough There are several hundred activity sets to choose from.

The Play Doh Creativity Center is one of the most popular Play dough sets. This toy has an activity center with a lid! The activity center is easy to put on your childs lap and is portable. The Center itself is full of cool details such as a lid that has molds on top and a place for your Play-doh mats and play doh canisters. This toy has a total of 45 accessories. This includes four activity mats 13 different cutters,2 forks, knife, garlic press, and five 2 ounce containers of Play-Doh. There is a lot here to get lost in. This particular Play-Doh set boasts about having a Play Doh pick up stick tool! The Play-Doh Creativity Center received five out of five stars from 52 customer reviews! Parents commented about how their children no matter the age could play together with the dough. Parents also liked the Play Doh pick up tool. Parents also loved that the container has room for additional Play-Doh accessories when you purchase them.

 The Play Doh Mega Fun Factory is one of Play Doh's newest toys.  The Fun Factory is a Conveyor belt that lets your child stamp out their creations.  The kit comes with 15 molds and two gears.  Also included is one play mat and four three ounce cans of Play Doh.  This set can hold up to six cans of Play Doh.  There are no product reviews for ths yet as it is new.

Moon Dough has only been around since this year. It is created by Spin Master, the same people who have created the successful Moon Sand.The texture of Moon Dough is very soft and very light.  The compound is said to be able to be used again and again.  Moon dough is hoping to be as popular as Moon Sand.  Right now there are only four playset available for Moon dough, There is a Diner, a Pizza Factory, a Puppy pound and a Barn. The barnyard set is the most popular and advertised right now.  The concept behind the barn is to  put the moon Dough in the top and then random animals are molded out of it and dropped in the barn doorway below.  The toy works well and parents and kids both love the dough.  the complaints I have read on Amazon so far is that the Dough, although it doesn't dry out, still crumbles.  Seems like a minor tweek in the compound is needed.  Other than that Moon Dough just may have the potential to give Play-Doh a run for it's money!

Moon Dough Magic Barnyard

The Moon Dough Barnyard comes with a barn moon dough molder,molds and three bags of moon dough. The molds consist of four animals including a pig, chicken, sheep and cow. Also included is the molds for a fence and hay bales. Put the Moon Dough into the barn and the animals are made. Press the Moon Dough into the fence molds to create pastures for your animals. Despite the fact that it was difficult to clean the Moon dough out of the barn, Kids had a lot of fun with this toy.

 The Moon Dough Puppy Pop on Pal Spies comes with a dog house that pops out puppy molds.  Also included are molds for dog bones.  Even though the name is confusing to me children have fun with this product.  One parent commented on  how much her child enjoyed this product when they first got it.  Her biggest complaint was the dough was kept in bags that were not resealable.

Pros and Cons of Moon Dough


  • Does not dry out
  • comes in eight colors
  • has some toy products
  • It is soft


  • Even though it does not dry out it crumbles.
  • Comes in plastic baggies tha cannot be resealed.
  • Parents have complained this product gets stuck in the toy that creates the mold.

Pros and Cons of Play-Doh


  • Has over fifty colors.
  • Has over 200 products
  • Comes in resealable containers


  • Does contain Wheat, therefore cannot be played with by Children with allergies to Wheat Gluten.
  • Does dry out.

Play Doh Vs Moon Dough

Which "play" dough is your favorite?

See results

 Will Moon Dough replace Play-Doh as the long time favorite?  Play Doh does has been in business much longer and has a lot more products.  Even though Play Doh claims it can be used over and over again, it does dry out.  Even the Play doh website unwittingly admits it.  There is a section on the  site that challenges parents to be creative in re using their Play Doh cans.  Parents have sent in all kinds of pictures.  (Check out the link below.)

Moon Dough has a few products.  Although it is basically fun for the kids parents complain this dough gets a little crumbly.  Being so new the company may work out the kinks and give Hasbro a run for their money.


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    • profile image

      Play-Doh 4 Life 6 months ago

      C'mon guys. Play-Doh is a classic! Play-Doh played a crucial part in our childhood! But now "Moon Dough" comes along and thinks that it can just overrun Play-Doh? I don't think so. Play-Doh will be something that will continue to be around for probably another 50+ years. PLAY-DOH 4 LIFE!!!

    • profile image

      Moondough! 4 years ago

      Moondough is a lot better. Playdough is not very soft and sticks EVERYWHERE! Moondough can be used to make a lot more things and is easier to use.

    • profile image

      moon dough 6 years ago

      i love moon dough it never dries out. moon dough! moon dough!

    • profile image

      Loralaf 6 years ago

      What are you guys thinking. My friend gave her 2 Yr old moon dough fresh from the packet to play with. Within 10 minutes the lump had crumbled up so badly there was nothing left to play with. When she gave me some it had the consistency and felt like the fondant from inside a cream biscuit. The more you tried to mould it into something, the softer and crumblier it got. My friends daughter learnt a new word yesterday - horrible. Complete rubbish. Playdoh is far better.

    • melodyandes profile image

      melodyandes 6 years ago

      Great hub. Bery interesting and fun. THanks for posting.

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      Great link Villagegeek. I did not try the chemistry link cause it would hurt my brain! Thanks for comment!

    • profile image

      villagegeek 7 years ago

      It's not horrible. It definitely has its pros and cons though. We bought the barnyard set for my son for Christmas. My son enjoyed it very much. My observation was that he was unable to actually make anything from it apart from the molds that were provided; the dough itself is not self-adhesive enough. A kid will probably need an extruder toy like the one included in the barnyard, and/or molds into which to pack this stuff.

      The pro of moon dough is that it is very easy to work with. Play dough, while pretty easy to manipulate into simple shapes, requires a fairly strong kid to press through extruder toys like the little play dough spaghetti maker. Moon dough can be manipulated and packed into a mold very easily.

      The con of moon dough, as another parent mentioned earlier, is that it tends to crumble when manipulated.

      I found a site where they link up a demo video of this stuff in action. You can see here both the ease with which this dough packs into molds, and also witness how it can tend to shed little flakes that can be difficult to pick up:

      Additionally, some have expressed interest in the ingredients. I cannot answer that, but I did some Googling and found the link to the patent:

      If you do not have any background or interest in chemistry, this link might hurt your brain.

    • profile image

      Elizabeth 7 years ago

      Moon Dough is horrible! My kids have a hard time playing with it by themselves. It is constantly crumbling all over the place, on the floor, on the kids. It is impossible to make anything with it using your hands, you must have a mold for it. What a mess! Waste of money! I will definitely lose the moon dough from it crumbling to pieces before your play-doh dries up. Besides play-doh is cheaper and more creative!

    • profile image

      cris in new york 7 years ago

      Horrible product, we bought this for my son for xmas, construction set, barn set. very disappointed. First it doesn't come in any kind of container so it gets every where fast. Crank handle for the barn keeps falling off, impossible to release from extremely rigid molds. Do not waste your money. Go with the standby, pLAY-DOO. Yes it doesn't dry up, but it flakes apart so bad, I would have to predict that you will lose it all before the play-doo dries out. can purchase at target, if your skeptical.

    • profile image

      mom of 3 7 years ago

      Just finished picking this waste of money up. Play-doh wins my vote hands down. With out the mold you can't do anything with Moon dough. At least with play-doh it allows your kids to be more creative. You can use some of the great sets they offer or just plain old cookie cutters or better yet your hands and imagination. With the Moon dough molds you can do nothing but crumble it up. After a few uses there will be none left to use as this creates such a mess a bunch got vacuumed up off the kitchen floor after they were done. It does not pick up easy (without a vacuum). So play-doh dries out. It lasts quite awhile if it is stored properly and it much more versatile whe it comes to play.!!

    • profile image

      Gramma16 7 years ago

      TV ads had my grandson crying to have Moon Dough. We found it to be difficult to use and too crumbly. There's not enough substance to it, even though it's pretty and feels good in the hand. If they can improve it somehow, maybe we'll give it another try.

    • profile image

      whaqtisit 7 years ago

      Try finding what it is made of.. I have been searing for weeks and can find nothing. After I touched it my hands started to get hot and I cannot find what chemiclas are used in this strange stuff. Don't let your kids play with things that don't have the ingredients listed.

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 7 years ago from USA

      I just bought my gdaughter Moon Doh for her birthday. She loves it

    • profile image

      ashley 7 years ago

      moon dough is all crumbly! play doh is a classic!there's hardly competion. Play doh is more...playable. that's what kids want.

    • profile image

      Lainey 7 years ago

      My kids just got Moon Dough & its the best. I use to hate getting play dough as gifts, but when my son got moon dough. There is nothing better! !

    • profile image

      Sandra T 7 years ago

      Love Moon Dough, finally can play with my son as both of us are coeliacs and couldn't play with Play Dough. Great product

    • profile image

      Mama Kat 7 years ago

      What are you smoking?? Moon Dough SUCKS!! It's crumbly, I might as well be playing with cotton candy, at least I'd be able to eat it. We can't do anything with this product without a playset... rip off. I want something my kids and I can play creativly without having to use a mold THUMBS DOWN

    • profile image

      MLaurent 7 years ago

      We like both. You can do things with Play Dough like squeeze it out, that you can't do with Moon Dough. Moon Dough feels really neat and is so different to touch. We now have both in our house. Play Dough won't dry out if you tell your kids to put it back in the can! After a while, colors combine to become grey anyway, so drying out doesn't really matter. You have to buy more after a few weeks anyway. Don't use either one on the carpet.

    • profile image

      Rachelle 7 years ago

      Moon Dough is the best because it is WHEAT-FREE! My son, who has wheat allergies, breaks out in rashes all over when he would play with Play-Doh. He does not break-out with Moon Dough! He can finally play with something at school when the other kids have their Play-Doh.

    • profile image

      Pat T. 7 years ago

      Chosing Play Doh over Moon Dough is like picking an Atari/Pong system over a Playstation 3. Play Doh was fun then, but Moon Dough is simply the better evolution of the product.

    • profile image

      Smurfy Dad 7 years ago

      My kid got some of this. Since I'm the one who usually cleans the floor when this stuff gets everywhere I must say it picks up off carpet a lot better than Play Doh. I accidentally stepped on some and was still able to pick it up easily unlike play doh. It's not perfect but it sure is better. It's so light too. I like to squeeze a bunch in my hand as a stress ball.

    • profile image

      Pedro Tockus 7 years ago

      MoonDough is a real game for children and for a long time.

      Play Doh dryes and is a 30 days game,that is all.

    • profile image

      Rachid 7 years ago

      Moon Dough is by far the BEST...

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      WOW! 13 comments in two hours on this hot topic. :) So Far Moon Dough is winning this contest. Thanks for all of your comments and poll votes!

    • profile image

      KK 7 years ago

      What mom or kid would prefer a dough that dries out over one that doesn't? Moon Dough is hands down the winner! Hypoallergenic & no fragrance is brilliant! :)

    • profile image

      Annie 7 years ago

      Moon Dough is the BESTTTTT!

    • profile image

      JT 7 years ago

      Moon Dough is crazy - it feels like a marshmallow, but makes animals and stuff you can pick up and play with. It's way different than Play-Dough because it doesn't dry out - very cool stuff.

    • profile image

      Beatrice 7 years ago

      I bought Moon Dough a few days ago and the little ones loved it. Spills cleaned easily - even on the carpet! Play Doh is a Play Don't at our house.

    • profile image

      polly 7 years ago

      my kids love moon dough and mom will love that it does not harden and get stuck in the carpeting.

    • profile image

      Julie Hamm 7 years ago

      It's nice to be able to have a dough that is wheat gluten for everyone!

      AND since it never dries out, you can use it again and again...nothing is more disappointing them opening a container of hardened play-doh! I just wish it was around when I was a kid!

    • profile image

      Andrey UA 7 years ago

      Very Fun! Moon Dough is best! 110%

    • profile image

      Marie-Anne 7 years ago

      My kids love Moon Dough! It doesn't smell and its not nearly as hard to clean up as Play Doh.

    • profile image

      alwswrkn 7 years ago

      honestly, I love it.

      it's nice to have a new, cleaner, more versatile molding dough to play d'oh.

      Visited their booth at Center Island a few weeks ago and they were very friendly as well!

    • profile image

      Jennifer  7 years ago

      Moon Dough is pretty cool! Its nice to have an alternative to Play Doh...not only are my kids bored by Play Doh, but I am too!!

    • profile image

      MrT 7 years ago

      Rgarnett, I would have to disagree.

      In the long run, Moon Dough doesn't dry out.

      As a kid, I hated when my Play-doh would dry out.

    • profile image

      Kim 7 years ago

      Defintitely LOVE Moon Dough!! It's way better than Play-Doh hands down! Lasts way longer too!!

    • rgarnett profile image

      Rachael Fields 7 years ago from KC, MO

      I have never heard of Moon Dough or Moon Sand before. Seems like an interesting concept, but I am willing to bet that nothing will be as good or better than Play-Doh in the long run. :)


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