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Childrens Garden Games Plastic or wooden playhouse? Which are better?

Updated on December 20, 2011

Play Houses wooden or plastic?

Some companies manufacture Sheds and convert them into play houses. These can be very expensive and not always as child friendly as they could be, a Childs play house should be colourful with a unique design which sparks imaginative play.

There are a few different models on the market to date some plastic and some wooden, the wooden ones being more unique and eye friendly. I have posted some images below of some of the new houses which will be released into the country towards the end of this year.

You can choose to have these houses either on the ground or up off the off the ground on a tower. The tower being a nice extra this will also have a slide attached.

These units all come with working doors and windows, ideal for your little ones to use their imagination in the own little home.

These all come painted and ready for the outdoors.

Play houses also make a great place for your children to store their toys instead of having them scattered around the garden.

Thomas Staton – A Children’s Playhouse and Garden Games expert.


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