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Play Monopoly Game with a New Cat Token That Will Replace the Iron

Updated on November 15, 2016
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Dr. John applies his scientific & research skills to review and evaluate new trends in sports, games, rules and to review training methods.

For millions of people who reveled in the emotionally charged family board game of Monopoly, the Iron token was always seen as weird and the perhaps the least popular. Who likes ironing anyway? Well after 75 years it looks like the Iron token is set to be replaced by a Cat. The company Hasbro, who owns the rights to the popular board game held a competition amongst its fans to choose a replacement for the humble iron, after devising a set of five finalist tokens .

And the winner IS – drum roll please ‘The Cat'.

Hasbro stated that they wanted to do something to “freshen up” the iconic brand and give the game something new. Hasbo chose five new potential tokens by getting feedback and suggestions from Monopoly’s 10 million Facebook followers. The other ones on the list of finalists were a diamond ring, a guitar, a helicopter and a robot.

The Iron replaced by the Cat
The Iron replaced by the Cat | Source
The original set of Monopoly Board Game Tokens
The original set of Monopoly Board Game Tokens | Source
The finalists for the New Monopoly Tokens
The finalists for the New Monopoly Tokens | Source

Do you agree that the humble IRON token should be replaces by the CAT?

See results

This decision has causes a many of the fans of the game to chuck their boards onto the floor, like they do when they start to lose. "No Way" "Don't Change the Tokens", they have cried - all to no avail. The company has found that many Monopoly players are extremely passionate about their tokens.

It was always one of the great mind games at the start of the game to roll the dice to see who got first choice of a token and who was left with the Iron and the Thimble (perhaps that one should go as well).

Many players have become very attached to particular token which are their favourites? Many perennial losers choose the Iron, and many parents ended up with it, as their crying children refused to play with such an uninspiring symbol. Over time it grew on them

Hasbro informed the world in a recent press release that despite the Iron being part of the game for 75 years it has lost its popularity with modern players.

The voting results of the online voting by people from120 countries all over the world on the old token are shown below:

Popularity of Traditional Monopoly Tokens (Highest to Lowest)

Percent of Vote
Scottie Dog
Top Hat

The original tokens were suggested in 1935 to the creator of the game Charles Darrow, by his niece based on the charms from her bracelet. The original owners of the game, Parker Brothers, who acquired the game from the inventor, released it with six tokens. The Scottie Dog and Wheelbarrow tokens were added during the 1950s. Of course many owners of the game lost some of the tokens and added their own from various sources.

More than 275 million units of the Monopoly game have been sold worldwide.


The Cat is watching you
The Cat is watching you | Source
The Cat is Sniffing out an Illegal Trade.
The Cat is Sniffing out an Illegal Trade. | Source

© 2013 Dr. John Anderson


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  • janderson99 profile imageAUTHOR

    Dr. John Anderson 

    6 years ago from Australia on Planet Water

    what about a crocodile

  • CarNoobz profile image


    6 years ago from USA

    A cat?! Come on...they should've made an iPhone or something instead.

  • Nat Amaral profile image

    Nat Amaral 

    6 years ago from BC Canada

    Thanks for writing this! I love the game and I love cats. I'll be forwarding this article to some who will find it interesting.


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