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Nidhogg Online Game - Free Fencing Games

Updated on February 10, 2014

Nidhogg is a two player windows adventure game created by Mark "Messhoff" Essen that has been generating a huge buzz on the internet in the past few months. You play as one of two fencers whose goal is to reach the far end of your opponents side of the level. While the graphics resemble games older than you are, the unique game play and fun factor are enough to keep you hooked for quite some time.

Nidhogg Gameplay

While it may appear to be an Atari age basic fencing game on the outside the truth is Nidhogg goes much deeper than that. Three sword angles for blocking and striking, fist fighting, jumping, sliding, and the ability to throw your sword turn each match into an action packed fencing frenzy.

Your goal is to strike your opponent down and run towards his side of the screen gaining as much ground as possible before he quickly respawns and brings the fight back to you. The winner is the first fencer to make it all the way to their opponents spawn. The wide range of moves and large varying levels make each individual battle unique and make Nidhogg a fencing game that's hard to put down.

Nidhogg Independent Gaming Awards

While Nidhogg hasn't officially been released to the public, it has already won a slew of independent gaming awards including the following:

1st place - indie games arcade, eurogame expo

1st place - audience award, fantastic arcade

bloodsport of the year 2010, fantastic arcade

Rock, Paper, Shotgun's game of the arcade award

Nominated for excellence in design, Nuovo Award Grand Prize

Finalist for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at this year’s Independent Gaming Festival

Online Fencing Games

As I stated earlier, Nidhogg is not yet available to the public but as soon as it is I will be posting the link to play it here. It is definitely going to be released for the PC along with speculation that it may also be coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace.

While you wait, here's a fencing game that's pretty fun and may just hold you over until Nidhogg hits Internets near you(I couldn't find anymore that you could play without downloading. If you know a good fencing game you'd like to share let us know about it in the comments.):

Beijing Olympics Game - Language is in German. Just click "Spiel Starten"(start game) twice, then check the box next to "Fechten"(fencing) and press "Spiel Starten" again. Much easier than it sounds and a pretty fun, solid fencing game. I didn't try out the other events so I can't vouch for them.


Official Nidhogg Site - The official website of Nidhogg, created by Mark "Messhoff" Essen. - A great web blog that's updated daily and covers nearly every aspect of indie gaming.

Indie Games Channel - IGF 2011 preview: Nidhogg by Mark "Messhoff" Essen

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