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Playing and Winning Lottery Online

Updated on October 27, 2015
winning lotteries
winning lotteries

Tips on Playing and Winning Lottery Online

As the time zips along there are ever more game products appearing online: arcades, strategies, RPG and games of chance. The last ones can be viewed more as a hobby still they are as entertaining as the other ones mentioned. The anticipation thrill speaks for itself. Naturally enough the online lottery players audience in constantly growing as there are more and more online agents offering some of the world's most popular lottos featuring big cash prizes, engaging format and interesting game play. Until quite recently it was possible to try luck only in the games of your residence country while the other ones were beyond reach. Everything changed with the rapid Internet development uniting the global players' community. Currently any one having access to the Web (and in most countries over 18 years old) can choose one lotto from a great variety of different games worldwide to try his luck and have a good time playing instants or spend an exiting evening watching the draw online or by TV.

So let's dwell upon the “Playing online” issues. I think every second or third person asked would say he or she played lotteries at least once in his/her life. The traditional format is very straightforward: you go to the retail outlet, buy a ticket, check off (or scratch) numbers and that's it. All you have to do next is to watch the draw or just check you ticket. Let's take for instance Australian Oz Lotto. The choice is based on its popularity in Australia (Australians are famous for their lottery passion) and overseas. Reportedly every third Australian confirms playing this game at least once in his life. The game applies the 7/45 format. In other words you will have to choose 7 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 45. Matching all the 7 numbers drawn is required for winning lottery main prize, called the jackpot. Interestingly enough the cash prize is not a fixed amount and increases after every roll-over. Roll-overs imply shifting the prize to the next draw every time there is no winner until there is someone lucky to match the jackpot winning combination. In this way the jackpot may grow astonishingly big exceeding 100 mln dollars. The record Oz Lotto jackpot was reported in November 2012 and accounted for over 111 mln dollars and was split between the 4 player which were lucky to guess the following combination: 8, 13 , 2, 7, 29, 43, 15.

So what are the chances to win? The jackpot winning odds are assesses as 1 to over 45 mln playing 1 entry. And really the chance is very small still there several way to hike them:

1. Play more entries – the more entries you play at once the higher are the chances, for instance 1 : 45,300,000 (1 entry) compared to 1 : 3,700,000 (12 entries). Surely enough the ticket price will be also higher. This lead to another tip.
2. Team up with other players (friends, family, colleges) to set a so-called syndicate. The syndicates will split everything equally the ticket fees and the winnings. Thus you save the money standing a better chance to win.
3. Systematic entry is another handy tool to get closer to winning. And again for additional fee (which can also be split by the syndicate) you can select more numbers for the entry, up to 20 in Oz lotto. The machine will generate all the possible combination with them so that you can count both on the jackpot and the secondary prizes.

The online format is hardly different but for the fact you do everything using your PC. You do not even have to leave you house or office to play the favorite game. Still there one important point here. It goes about choosing the online lottery agent. Some players use to say that it is half to way to victory. The agents are numerous and not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. You can easily figure that out yourself having a quick look on their sites.

The reliable agents would have the updated websites, would provide the in-depth users guides and policy, contact data, FAQ and online chant with quick and relevant response. The feedbacks and complaints (if any) can be found on the topical forums or review sites such as

Playing and winning lottery online is easy. All in all it implies 3 steps: choose the game, the agent and make your numbers selection.

lottery ticket
lottery ticket

Tips on choosing the lotto agent

Here are also some important issues which are to be taken into consideration when choosing the on-line lottery agent site you are going to register to play the games you like. Let's base it for example on TheLotter review.

  • One of the most important things is the availability of the ticket scan (e-copy), which has to be provided (either sent by e-mail or downloaded into the personal account) as a proof of the actual transaction. Here we have plus for the agent.
  • Contact information. The agent has to provide the in-depth contact information including phones, email addresses which are to be real and working, the same goes about the online chat. TheLotter get plus again still it does have the online chat.
  • Game-play options: Syndicates and systematics will make the process more engaging. Syndicates will provide an interactions with other players, increase winning chances and allow to save some cash. Systematics will increase the winning chances. And again pus and plus.
  • Bonuses. Bonuses are as a rule provided for the users or the regular ones in a form of the loyalty discounts and other offers. TheLotter provides only Buy One Get Two bonus which is not that much for such a renowned agents.
  • And the last but not less important points is the users feedbacks or complaints. In our case the feedbacks are mostly positive and the numbers of winners proves that.

Some players use to say that a reliable agent is a half way to victory. That is true still it will not affect your luck. Winning the game is up to one's luck! So make you choice and win!


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