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PlayStation 3 Family Games - Fun for the whole Family!!

Updated on April 11, 2011
PlayStation 3 Family Games
PlayStation 3 Family Games

PlayStation 3 Family Games - Fun for the whole Family

Have FUN with the family with PlayStation 3 family games !!!!!

With today's hectic schedules, it's not always easy to find quality time for the family - busy work schedules, kids school, after school activities and lets not forget sports.

There's always something that seem to interfere with spending time with family and friends. So when the weekend comes along, it's important to catch up on time lost during the busy week.

Now the PlayStation 3 is well know for it's spectacular gaming titles, but it's also an extremely powerful family entertainment system. With PlayStation 3 Family Games titles such as Start the Party, Monopoly Streets, Hasbro Family Game Night 3, and many more.....families are now able to turn their PlayStation 3 system into family fun for everyone.

So take back your family time and have FUN with some of these great PlayStation 3 family game titles !!!!

PS3 Start the Party
PS3 Start the Party

PlayStation 3 Start the Party !

Start the Party for the PS3 Move is a fast paced, interactive game in which you and up to three of your family or friends can go head to head with each other in over 20 fun mini-games and challenges. In this game title, the players are the STARS.

The innovative video and audio enables players to be virtually placed into the game. So get ready to zap, smack, pop, and swing your way into the Party.

It's FUN for the entire family !!!

Players can choose from multiple game play modes - solo, competitive, co-operative and customizable team modes.

Note: The PS3 Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera (PlayStation Starter Bundle) are required for game play.

PS3 Monopoly Streets
PS3 Monopoly Streets
PlayStation 3 Family Games - Monopoly Streets
PlayStation 3 Family Games - Monopoly Streets

PlayStation 3 Monopoly Streets

Monopoly is celebrating its 75th anniversary with the creation of Monopoly Streets.

The game of Monopoly as we know it now comes to life through a 3-D living, breathing city.

As a player you can build, own, and monopolize in Monopoly Streets - everything you loved about the board game is now presented in this fully animated world.

Engage in head-to-head play to build the greatest city and amass the most wealth.

Play against your friends or with players with similar skills from around the world!

Play Monopoly Streets and experience the original Monopoly board game like you've never experienced it before !!!!!!!!!

Hasbro Family Game Night 3
Hasbro Family Game Night 3
PS3 Family Games - Life
PS3 Family Games - Life

Hasbro Family Game Night 3

Hasbro Family Game Night 3 revisits some of the most beloved board games from the past.

Players can experience classic board games such as......The Game of Life, Clue, Mouse Trap, Yahtzee Hands Down and Twister but with a new twist.

Additional features include interactive game boards, game play mechanics, and an in-game theme park that houses each game in separate areas.

Let Mr. Potato Head be your guide through the island based theme park that house these different classic board games.

You can experience hours of family-friendly FUN with Family Game Night 3 by Hasbro.

PS3 TV SuperStars
PS3 TV SuperStars
TV SuperStars
TV SuperStars

PlayStation 3 TV SuperStars

Be a TV star with TV SuperStars by Sony PlayStation 3, that's right you and 3 of your family or friends can star in your own TV show.

Players can choose from 5 different TV show to star in: Frock Star, DIY Raw, Big Beat Kitchen, Super Television Acting Agency, Let's Get Physical.

Become famous by winning challenges and gaining popularity, it's all tracked through in-game tabloid magazines.

Note: The PS3 Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera (PlayStation Move Starter Bundle) are required for game play.

PlayStation 3 Family Game - Create
PlayStation 3 Family Game - Create

PS3 Family Game - Create

Creative Puzzle Play

Create is a family-friendly puzzle game with over 100 puzzles from a wide range of categories set in various themed environments.

Players use their imagination and virtually any object in the game to power their way to success through the challenges set before them.

The more you create, the more rewards and challenges you unlock to play, discover a world of FUN as you play.

Note: This game is compatible with the PlayStation 3 Move Bundle

Buzz Quiz World Bundle
Buzz Quiz World Bundle

PS3 Buzz Quiz World

Introducing Buzz Quiz World, where players take on the role of game show contestant and go head to head against each other answering up to 5000 general knowledge questions.

Like most games shows the goal is to accumulate the most points after a set number of rounds. Players can customize the game and choose what subjects they want.

Play up to 8 family or friends locally or challenge groups of friends to a multi-player quizzing challenge on-line in sofa vs. sofa mode.

Hosted by the over the top emcee - Buzz, this game was designed for the "hard core" and "casual" player in-mind. So there's hours of fun for all to enjoy !!!

Note: 4 Buzzers included with Buzz World Bundle

PlayStation Family Game - Scene It
PlayStation Family Game - Scene It

Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screen!

Scene It brings the magic of Hollywood to your living room.

Test your cinematic know how with more than 2800 question regarding Hollywood blockbusters as well as 23 brain stretching puzzle categories.

Test your movie trivia on your own in single player mode or compete against your family or friends in 2-4 player mode.

This is a FUN game for everyone and will test the knowledge of trivia masters and casual players alike - a perfect game for movie buffs.

Note: Only one PS3 controller is required to play Buzz Quiz World

PlayStation 3 Starter Bundle !

Some of these great PlayStation 3 family games require the PS3 move motion controller and eye camera.

You can buy these accessories separately or purchase the PS3 Starter Bundle which includes the PS3 motion controller, eye camera and game title Sports Champions.


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