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PlayStation 4 Console Review Old Generation

Updated on April 1, 2019
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Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

Console: Sony PlayStation 4 (old generation)

The Sony PlayStation 4 Console is the latest console from Sony. The newest console boats better graphics, an improved menu interface and a redesigned PlayStation 4 controller.

The console also boasts improved graphics and 1080p resolution for games and movies. With all these new features, is the PlayStation 4 worth buying, should you get the more expensive PlayStation 4 Pro?

It has good Features:

Okay, this sounds like an ad, but has it really improved compared to the PlayStation 3.

Well I can say that the graphics have improved but graphics aren’t everything when it comes to gaming, because graphics always improve over time.

The user interface has improved and it’s much easier to navigate the menu compared to the XMB format used for the PlayStation 3.

Along with an improved user interface and menu, they have a lot of apps, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, NFL Sunday Ticket, PlayStation Vue and other apps that you can watch through your PlayStation, but you have to pay a monthly fee for them.


The Controller Redesign is So Good:

I love that Sony redesigned the controller for the PlayStation 4, they fixed the thumb sticks, for the most part, they are better, but I found that mine wore out pretty quickly, so I had to buy grips for my thumbsticks. I love that you can use the controller wirelessly now, although I have to recharge the battery a lot because I use it so often watching Netflix or playing games.

I wish the battery would last longer, but it’s okay.

I do wish the micro USB cord that came with the PlayStation was longer, but you can buy longer cords if you want to sit further away without worrying about your battery going dead.

The Play while you Download “Feature” isn’t really True:

Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 boasted about the, “Play this game while it downloads” feature, which isn’t really a feature when they shove you off into one area of the game where you can’t leave until the game actually finishes downloading and installing on your computer, making this feature useless and something that developers will “put” into the game, without actually giving you anything to do. You might as well download your game and go to bed and wake up the next day to play it!

Since this so-called feature isn’t actually worth using, you might as well ignore it completely since you can’t play the game while you download it.

My PlayStation Fan is Still Loud:

Although the newer PlayStations have supposedly fixed the problem of having a loud fan, my original generation of the PlayStation 4 has a fan that’s still loud, and that’s after I sent it in to PlayStation for them to fix it because I was under warranty.

My fan is still loud despite the fact that I got it fixed, it’s till okay, but I just wish it wasn’t so loud when I play videogames or watch Netflix on the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation has Wonderful Exclusives:

As a fan of PlayStation, what I think makes the PlayStation such a great platform for gamers is the amazing exclusives they have. The Uncharted series from Naughty Dog, the Team Ico games from Fumito Ueda, Bloodborne, Persona 5, these are games that I have so much fun with that are only available on the PlayStation platform.

While Xbox does have fun games, I’ve always loved JRPGs and PlayStation has fun, exciting JRPGs and I love playing them.

I’m having a blast with Persona 5 right now, I’ll be writing a review for it once I finish the game, but it’s a fun series that the main games are only available on the PlayStation platform, it’s worth getting the console for this game alone, it’s so much fun.

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The Web Browser is a Nice Feature:

I like the web browser in the PlayStation 4, it’s not a perfect web browser, but it works pretty well. It won’t play video from certain sites, but it works very well and I’ve used it for Google searches and I find it’s useful when I don’t want to turn on my computer just to look for something real quick.

The Last Guardian,a PlayStation 4 exclusive!
The Last Guardian,a PlayStation 4 exclusive!

The Games Work well on it, but if you want a better Frame Rate, you’ll have to Upgrade to the Pro:

The PlayStation 4 runs games pretty well, but if you want a better frame rate, you will have to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 Pro. While frame rate doesn’t bother me that much, some people will want the better hardware inside the PlayStation 4 Pro for the better frame rate and 4K for gaming, if you feel that having better performance is worth it then you’ll want to get the Pro instead of the normal PlayStation 4.

Persona 5, PlayStation 3 and 4 Exclusive
Persona 5, PlayStation 3 and 4 Exclusive

The PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t Play 4K Blu-Rays:

If you were thinking about getting the PlayStation 4 Pro for 4K blu-Rays the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t have the hardware to play 4K blu-rays. It will only play 4K games. It’s a shame that Sony didn’t want to put 4K into the Pro, as it would help them sell 4K blu-Rays.

The console will still play normal blu-rays, but having the Pro be future proof would have been better from a sales standpoint.

Apps Crash in the PlayStation 4:

The apps crash in the PlayStation 4, mainly Funimation’s app that I use to watch anime, it’s the app that crashes the most, and Netflix has crashed on me once, but most of the time the apps run fine, I do think that Funimation’s app crashing the most on the PlayStation 4 has to do with the app developers and not necessarily PlayStation.

Is the PlayStation the Best Console? Not quite, but I love the Games:

As a Sony fan it would be really easy to say that, “PlayStation is the perfect and best game console ever,” but that would be far too biased, but I really love the PlayStation, despite the fact that I love this console, it’s not perfect, it has some problems that do annoy me, and although some of them have been fixed in newer models, the older models still have the fan that is too loud.

I love the games on the PlayStation console and that’s why I bought the PlayStation 4. I’m not really into a lot of First Person Shooters, and while PlayStation has them, I prefer the JRPGs and they mainly come to the Sony console because Sony is based in Japan.

Quick Summary:

What Doesn't Work:
Has better UI, graphics
May not run all games perfectly without the Pro
Has improved controller
Apps crash
Has fun exclusives
Fan is loud on old generation PS4

My Grade: A-:

The Sony PlayStation 4 is a big improvement over the PlayStation 3. The improved graphics aren’t the only thing that has made the PlayStation 4 a great console, the improved controller, the better UI and fun platform exclusive games make it worth it to buy the PlayStation 4, if you want the best version of the console, you’ll have to purchase the PlayStation 4 Pro, but the PlayStation 4 is still a good console.

If the PlayStation 4 Pro were future proof and included a 4K blu-ray player it would be the best version to buy, it is still the “best” PlayStation console performance-wise, but it is more expensive, you’ll have to decide if you want to spend $400+ on a PlayStation 4 console, and while a lot of game developers are optimizing for the PlayStation 4 Pro, not everyone can afford it. I’m happy with just a normal PlayStation 4 console, but I bought mine before the Pro version came out, and I’m not buying another console, just for slightly better performance when it comes to games, but if that’s important to you then you should get the Pro console.

I highly recommend the PlayStation 4, but you’ll have to decide on whether or not you want to spend the extra money for the improved performance and 4K gaming or not. It’s worth the money for a normal PlayStation console, but you’ll have to decide which one you want before you buy it.

My Rating:

5 stars for Videogame Console Review: PlayStation 4

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