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How gamers chose their console?

Updated on February 27, 2015

The Nielsen Company released the results for their survey that asked console owners, what the main reasons were for choosing that console. The number one reason Xbox One owners chose their console was because of the brand. Most Xbox One owners had previously owned an Xbox 360. The number one reason people bought the PS4 was because they said it had better resolution. Finally, Wii U owners reported that the number one reason for their purchase was the fun-factor.

Exclusive games and content ranked number four for Xbox One, and number five for the Wii U. Even though exclusive games and content was not one of the top five reasons people bought a PS4, the game library was ranked at number three.

I was surprised that exclusive games and content was not higher on the Wii U list. Nintendo games were the reason I bought my Wii U. It also surprised me that blu-ray player was second on the ps4 list, because the Xbox One also has a blu-ray player. People may not think that due to the fact that the Xbox 360 did not have one, but the PS3 did.

You can see the full list of factors for each console or a link to Nielsen's full article below.



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