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Playable Ghosts in the Sims 3 and How to Achive Them

Updated on May 17, 2010



Non-Playable Ghosts: A ghost will appear with the same looks, traits, hair and even clothes that he or she was wearing at the time of their death. They still have needs, moodlets and lifetime wishes and are just like living Sims in lots of ways. However, (as of Patch 1.6), they appear translucent, float instead of stand, and also possess the convenient ability to be able to walk through walls, objects and even other Sims!

A non-playable ghost will always have a gravestone that is placed on the lot. The size of the grave will depend on the Sims lifetime happiness points and completion of their lifetime wish. A large grave means an immensely fulfilled life, a medium one a fine life, and a small grave an unhappy, empty life. If you click on the ghost’s grave, you will have the option to mourn over the dead Sim, or write or read his epitaph.

Clicking on ‘mourn’ will cause your sim to walk over to the grave and cry, while imagining the sim that has passed away. If the grave is on your lot, then the ghost of the sim that was mourned over should come to visit the following night, appearing around midnight and exploring your lot, interacting with your furniture and even your other Sims. The ghost will stay until the early hours of morning, but when daylight comes he will go back to his grave. After his first successful visit, the ghost will make a habit of coming to your house every second night.

However if the grave is situated in the local graveyard instead of your lot, various ghosts should come out of their graves at night and roam around the cemetery regardless of whether you mourn at their tombstone or not. However if you want to meet a certain ghost, it is more likely you will see them if you have mourned at their grave.

You can’t control a non-playable ghost, nor can you simply add them to your household. However turning them into playable ghosts is not too hard or time consuming. The steps to achieving a playable ghost are covered in the next section.



Playable Ghosts: A playable ghost looks and acts just like a non-playable one. They float, glide through objects and interact with others; however a playable ghost is, well... playable! They do not disappear at the end of the night, are fully controllable and part of your household just like any other one of your Sims. You can direct them to things, choose them interactions, get them jobs and anything else that you can do with a living sim. Instead of having their grave somewhere on the lot, playable ghosts carry their headstones around in their inventory.

When a playable ghost is created, the ghost will be the same age as they were when they died. (So if your sim drowned when he was five days from becoming an elder, his playable ghost will still become an elder after five days have passed.) The only exception to this is if your sim passed of old age, in which case they will still be an elder, but the number of days until their aging up will have been reset to zero.

A playable ghost is invincible to drowning, burning or dying of starvation and electrocution. However, unless you turn off aging, they will finally pass of old age. When their time has come, the grim reaper will not come to take them away, instead they will disappear back into their gravestones and a message will appear at the top right of the screen, saying something along the lines of “The ghost of *sims name* has finally lost his/her grip on the mortal realm. She/he may leave the Netherworld occasionally to visit, but cannot be restored.” This just means that the ghost will go back to being a non-playable one; they will still visit every second night, but can’t be remade into a playable ghost.



How to become a playable ghost: A week or so after the death of a sim, another sim that is still living in the same household should receive a phone call from the local science facility. Apparently they are conducting an experiment and are in need of a sim’s grave to do some tests on. This opportunity is titled ‘Oh My Ghost!”

If you choose to accept the offer, all you have to do is put the grave of the sim you wish to make into a playable ghost into your sim’s inventory and click on the science facility. The option “restore ghost...” should appear, and after clicking on that choose the name of the ghost you wish to resurrect. Your living sim should then enter the local science facility and stay in there for an hour or two while the ghost is ‘resurrected’. Once this procedure is complete, your sim will exit the science lab with your new playable ghost in tow! Another green icon will appear on the left hand side of your screen with your ghost’s face on it, deeming them controllable.

If you wish to resurrect another ghost, then you may. In fact you can resurrect as many ghosts as you want, however after the first one, the science facility will charge 5000 simoleons per ghost.

It is commonly recognised that the quickest way to resurrect a ghost is to bring a brand new sim to your household with no skills or career. Hold down ‘Ctrl’, ‘Shift’ and ‘C’ on your keypad then write ‘testingcheatsenabled true’ into the cheats box. Once testingcheats have been activated, hold ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Shift’ then click on your household’s mailbox and choose the option ‘Make Needs Static’. This ensures that none of the members of your household’s needs will ever drop at all, and so your new sim won’t need to bathe, eat, sleep, socialise, have fun or use the toilet. This will basically leave them standing there doing absolutely nothing, and so the game will be inclined to give them an opportunity. Opportunities come in three kinds, career, skill and special, and seeing as the new sim has no career or skills they will need a special opportunity.  Conveniently, there is already a gravestone on the lot, and so the game is eager to distribute them the ‘Oh My Ghost!’ one.

If you simply continue the game as normal, you will almost definitely still receive the ‘Oh My Ghost!’ opportunity, just not ask quickly.

I recommend clicking on accept even if you do not plan to resurrect a ghost, because you may always change your mind, and getting the opportunity twice is relatively rare.


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    • profile image

      Mady 3 years ago

      I've been trying so many ways to do this and I'm hoping this one works

    • profile image

      Vik 3 years ago

      Gonna try this! Been like 3 weeks and no sign of "Oh my ghost!" opportunity yet! Hoping.

    • profile image

      Cat 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot for that info! :) also if you've got the supernatural xpansion, you can make them in CAS but still have to do these steps for a sim that you played (didn't create as a ghost) to play them again as ghosts

    • profile image

      shay 4 years ago

      can you have ghosts on the wii version

    • profile image

      bryana256 5 years ago

      thx i been tryin 2 find ways to have a playable ghost this is very helpful!

    • profile image

      Page 5 years ago

      I still don't know how. :(

    • profile image

      Meg 5 years ago

      thank you this always works I have an amazing family with all the ghosts:)

    • profile image

      Preston 5 years ago

      Thanks but it didn't work

    • profile image

      Sim 7 years ago

      Thanks! I'll try and see if this works for me!