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Playing Free Online Games

Updated on April 23, 2012

Free Online Games and Why There Free

So your considering playing a free online game. Many game makers have switched to a free platform in order to entice new players. The reason for free has come from numerous factors learned about the gaming industry over time. Larger number of players draws more players, many developers have found that they make a decent amount of money from in game item shops for character customization. Gamers have shown that they like individuality in games as much as they do in real life. Developers have targeted most of their profits from this by selling costumes, pets, mounts, special weapon covers and more for a limited amount of time. After the time elapses the item will disappear and players must buy the special item again.

There are many different options when playing online games, first decide if you would like to play with other players or alone. Second game genres vary greatly from Sci-fi, Fantasy, Historic, Modern, etc... These genres will set the scenario of the game from the classes available to quests and items. More or less these are cosmetic options that people choose because it's what intrigues them.

When choosing a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that is right for you game makers are more then happy to show you all about their game. Most have pages marked as introduction or beginners guide that will provide in game screenshots, storyline and a basic how to use their game guide. If you have further questions you can always visit the forum provided by the maker and there are moderators who will be more then happy to answer questions. Each game has different options in addition that make it unique such as crafting, flying, guild and server wars that can really set it apart from others.

After you have found the game that is right for you check the minimum system requirements to make sure your computer is compatible. If it is you can proceed to downloading the client. Different game sites have the download link in different areas and sometimes almost disguised. Usually you can find the link by either looking for the traditional download page or they will have it as a button that says Play Now or Get Started. After opening the link it will bring up a page with download options or will pop up a dialog box to start the download. Make sure your popup blocker is disabled in order to receive the download box. I suggest choose the option to save the file and save it to your desktop so it will be easy to find.

After you have downloaded the client your almost there. Open the client from where you chose to save it and begin the installation. While installing go back to the game's webpage and choose to create an account. They will ask you to choose a login name, password, email and other information. After the game has finished installing it will have put a quick link on your desktop to the actual game. This is your game launcher, from here it will check for any updates to the game which it will automatically download and install. Once it has finished any updates you can click the Launch or Play button and the game will begin.

On the first time you launch the game it will ask you to create a character and a name for your character. You will choose your race, class and a basic design of your character. Different games give you different options when creating your character such as hair color and style to choosing your beginning stats. Once you have finished the character customization page it will take you into the game with your newly created character. From here they will start you on your way with tutorial quests make sure you take them as it will provide the best way to learn the game.

I welcome you to the world of gaming and hope you enjoy it as much as I have. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Also would love to hear what game you chose.


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