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Playing Game at Any Age

Updated on November 7, 2016

Fun for the adults

It is important that adult have some sort of entertainment to relieve from stress and give them a source of relaxation. Parents took everything seriously then, they were always too occupied to care for the family. They were focused on family commitments and worked all the time.

When 'television' technology was introduced, in the 50s it brought entertainment into many homes. Although at that time it was a luxury item, it became overly popular and every household started to add it as a 'must have' appliance. Watching television became favorite leisure activity done by adults as well as family.

Before this, people had to go to the movies and theaters to get some sort of pleasure or enjoyment.People of middle class community seldom had any entertainment then. They were to focused on caring for the family and earning a decent income.

Television brought the change. And yet the concept of television overtime changed, it developed into more of an advertising tool. Then and Now, technology have introduced ways for adults to explore another dimension, to have 'Fun' from where they are. With the development of technology more choices were made available via computers or mobile system, adult could now add some 'Fun' into their life.

Parents can explore the world from where they sit, they can entertain themselves once the children have gone to bed. With cable TV they can watch programs all time around. They can take time to stay connected to their friends with just a 'Hi' or a 'Poke'.

Being a middle aged person during this technology age, I have witnessed both worlds, world when technology was only providing for Land Line Telephone, Radio and Television to Mobile Phone, DOS computers to Internet and Android.

Board Game
Board Game | Source


Other then entertainment like the television, gaming was also another option that people had to distress. Gaming in early days mean physical activity like a game of Polo, Swimming or Tennis, There was also the board games like Chess or 'Snakes and Ladders'. Then there were also those card games that lead to gambling which is another source of entertainment for some.

Most games developed into sport and created competition. Fun was replaced by Victory or win and in some cases it was named 'Medals'. It became an activity of its own or we can say a 'Job' that brings 'income' to the home. Eventually it was a source of stress on its own.

Most of this games became costly and it requires additional one or more players to participate. Which means leisure time must be same for all partakers.

Technology Age

Media and entertainment has developed over the years with many options including gaming. Here the gaming was more of an individual attempt or 'Single Player'. Access to this games during early stages, that is late 70's until early 90's were limited, even though many games were created and introduced, one has to visit the arcade to actually play them. Only some families were able to purchase computers or even home game consoles.

But today, the technology that ferries this games are very accessible as every home has more then 1 unit of it. Other then the television, the computers, the laptops, the pads the simple phone and the most advanced Android are able to support some games.

This is why we can see young adults, middle age groups and even some older generation playing games. Parents are also taking some time to enjoy this games.


Research shows that TIC TAC TOE as being the first Computer related game. (

Many of us would be more familiar with Pack Man or Donkey Kong. Do not forget Super Mario Brothers

How does it affect an adult

We have always come across how the games affects the younger generation, here we will see how it contributes to the adults behavior.

Over the board, there are many great games that has different affect, some are brain stimulating intelligent games while some games are violent. So it may have good affects as well has harmful affect on adults not only the children.

Here we will explore how some proper approach on games especially the intelligent games can serve to the general adults.

Intelligent Games

There are many different times of Intelligent Games

  1. Puzzles
  2. Memory Games
  3. Riddles
  4. Trivia
  5. Strategy Games
  6. IQ Games

Adults are more Relaxed

Overall, this games are able to help adults to overcome their depression. It does not help to solve the problems but at some extent those hours spend fiddling with some games helps in controlling the anxiety and keeping them calm. Not those violent action games that can pump up adrenalin but more like the arcade or strategy games or even puzzles. This games can actually improve the mood of an adult.

Relationship Bonding

For some, playing games with partners improves communication and connection. It helps to create positive bond. The vibration and intimacy in a long term relationship will deepen as it helps them to grow together while sharing this activity. These games provides opportunity for sharing some fun and laughter.

Among friends it creates an environment for team work as well as develop social skills. Fun working environment can also be attained.This does not mean playing during working hours but on off hours. I remember enjoying 'Farm ville' with my colleagues. During lunch hours we talk of our strategies and missions. It was exiting during the game and the wait to return to the game.

Family fun time is when games are played as a family. Children especially enjoy those bonding moments allowing them to open up and communicate with the parents. Many puzzle games can be played with the younger children. There are some 'girly' games to be played by Mothers with their daughters. Of course games like soccer or football for the guys.

Strangers .... yup the socializing part can go an extra mile, just because of some online games I now have friends from all over the world and we do communicate on matters other then the game. Even now that I have stopped some lengthy games our relationship still continues until now

Brain Stimulator

A study by Queen Mary University of London have done researches and found that certain video games, can increase player's 'brain flexibility'.The study also revealed that playing games can actually help the players as they are able to complete cognitive flexibility tasks with greater.

At least it does stimulate my brains. Personally before taking up any tasks, I will take some time just to play some arcade games or 'Sudoku' and only then I will attempt those tasks.

Here I am dedicating the song 'Young at Heart' by Frank Sinatra as playing games makes life more exiting. It helps us to maintain vitality as we get older.

Playing Games

Why do you play Games

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