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Playing games on the Kindle Fire HD

Updated on January 15, 2013

I wouldn't really call myself a game addict but I did enjoy playing games during high school and before college days on arcades and Nintendo but lately since I got my Kindle Fire, I've been kind of finding games on the tablet a bit exciting once again.

Playing Android games on the Kindle Fire Hd is a different experience as it allows you to play games with a good background sound and by making use of taps and touch on screen unlike video games that have a joystick or control pad.

Although I've installed a couple of other apps on the Kindle, one of the first and only game I've played so far is Angry birds. Angry birds in this version has to do with making use of a catapult to project angry birds as missiles into pig fortresses to break them down and win points. It seemed a bit easy but is actually hard especially if you don't know how to use and adjust angles in a projectile. Angry birds is actually an interesting game and there are lots of other games available on Amazon's app store. I played the free Angry birds version but there are other newer versions you can get from the store.

How I install games on Kindle Fire HD

In order to be able to install games on the Kindle Fire, you'd need to

  • Download the apk file to Kindle
  • Open the file
  • Allow installation

There after, you can always open the game by going to apps > Game. Since I did not have access to the Amazon app store, I downloaded mine from opera apps i.e.

Installing games from third party sites

If installing apps from a non Amazon supported site, you'd need to:

  • Allow installation from third parties by going to your settings and adjusting it
  • Download from a safe and trusted site only
  • Open and install the file using an alternative folder viewer like ES file explorer

Battery time

You'd find that when playing games on a Kindle, it may tend to use up more battery life but it does really last long even on a half filled battery. Playing games doesn't use up much battery life as it would on a laptop so it's a cool tablet to play games on. Battery usage is simply minimal but perhaps not as low as that used when browsing the web or reading books.


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