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Playing online game Evony

Updated on April 9, 2010

Real time game called Evony

I have been having a lot of fun playing a real time online game called Evony. It was called Civony and once out of beta, they changed the name to Evony.

Basically, Evony is a game of statistics, alliances, communication and war. Bases in the early century, you begin with one small city and build farms, mines, cottages for your people, an academy so your people become more intelligent. Barracks to build troops to later attack other players, valleys, and defend your city.

This game begins quite slow as you build up resources and your city. You are given seven days to build safely. I suggest you follow the small tab in the lower left corner called Quests. Before seven days are up, you should not only view the map tab in the top right corner to see who is around you. You should find a good alliance to be part of. A good alliance will help guide you through the building processs like the one I belong to. There are also very good quick growth lists out there you can use.  The game does become more and more exciting as you take over more and more land. Your castle walls grow and your city matures.

One thing you must understand is that Evony is a real time game which means you could be attacked while you are offline. And of course attack someone that is off line. This part of the game makes you want to have other alliance members from different parts of the world. I find it wonderful that I have friends now in Germany, France, South America, the US, Canada, China, and a number of other countries. This is a game that promotes friendship and cooperation. Even if you are going to attack another alliance. It is so fun.

Attacking and being attacked is so much fun. Figuring out how to best protect yourself from attacks is interesting. Each attack is a bit different depending on the units of the attack being sent and of course what you are attacking.

Evony is continually growing and becoming a better gaming experience. I believe that as long as they continue to update and edit the game, it will become one of the nets finest games. I am hooked on it.

Evony is more of a statistics and planning game. You don't see an actual fight scene but that may change in time. Remember it is a game. Be kind to your allies and enemies when you speak with them through the chat modes or email. Nothing ruins a game more than an individual(s) that are rude and ignorant. I have not run into any yet but I did want to promote respectful play.

Evony allows you to begin and play for free. They do offer bonus coins for a monitary payment. But you can play for free. A daily wheel of fortune that you can win troops, resources, or medals. Purchasing coins is easy and will help you to grow a great city.

Evony is a great game and I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

See you there.

Evony now has twenty four (24) servers and sixteen (16) world experiences to help keep the gaming experience fun. Don't miss out on this fun and exciting game.


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