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My musical passion the Violin and a little about the music

Updated on October 10, 2016

My reason for palying

My love begging for the violin started when I watch a performance on TV, it was the first time I heard music that made me happy and sad all at once. I was so excited that I could barely seat down watching the performance. At that moment I promise my self that I would learn this instrument. When I listen to classical music it really help calm my mind and help me focus when I study. I love how I can create something so beautiful with just a few notes and have so much possibility with one piece of music.

The Music and how almost everyone use classical music

Majority of people think they really do not like classical music, that it is boring for some reason. You can see how it is also associated with a sad event for one reason or another. If you ever pay attention to big movies or even hip-hop videos they have always use classical music. I believe it is about the passion it makes people feel, the emotions that it brings out, they incorporate it with their music to really draw you in.

A High quality violin

Stradivarius Violins

Regular individuals usually spend about $150 to $1300 dollars on a violin, but if you are able to afford one on the most expensive side you can acquire a truly amazing instrument. One of the finest musical instrument reportedly out there is a Stradivarius violin. They do come at a very hefty price when you are looking for one to purchase. The most expensive one reportedly sold at a public action was sold for was $3,544,000. Most private collectors may buy ones that the public do not even known about for much more than that price.

Remember you are paying for top quality in sound and craftsmanship, It will be worth the price in the end. They are consider as one of the best sounding violin that has been made, not to mention that they are not another instrument. Antonio Stradivarius produce these instrument as not just another violin but as 'musical gems'. You can see why a great player or a collector would spare no expense for these instruments. If you have look at other violins and known the different types you will also known that the Stradivarius violins are also famous for the price tag it carries.

Your Violin and Music Sheets

Learning to play and loving to create something new

Playing the violin can be hard to start with, from learning to hold your bow, correcting your posture, and reading the music, if you are not made of stronger stuff you may quit. That will not be a problem because you are doing it for love, you are learning something that is your passion. When I started taking classes we started with a pencil on learning how to hold a bow, I was really young so it really hurt my hand after a few lessons. After you go for a few weeks your muscles adjust and it does not hurt after that 'unless you are playing for a long time'. Once you get your body adjusted to seat up strait, hold you violin and bow properly, start reading your music and the fun can begging. You will love to play, you will even learn to memorize music and even freestyle with any music you may find interesting. Composing even a little piece may be in your future, musicians love to create something new or rearrange current piece of music. Never stay restricted in one genera of music because of the instrument you have, explore all of them and mix it up to see what you can come up with.

The Best of Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi and is beautiful music

One of my favorite composer id Antonio Vivaldi, I love is music because it is really fun for me to play. I have compose one song off if original music and I love my arrangement of it, I work everyday to make it better.

This is a little exert of his life and music career:

Born on March 4, 1678, in Venice, Italy, Antonio Vivaldi was ordained as a priest though he instead chose to follow his passion for music. A prolific composer who created hundreds of works, he became renowned for his concertos in Baroque style, becoming a highly influential innovator in form and pattern. He was also known for his operas, including Argippo and Bajazet. He died on July 28, 1741.

Musical Career

At the age of 25, Antonio Vivaldi was named master of violin at the Ospedale della Pietà (Devout Hospital of Mercy) in Venice. He composed most of his major works in this position over three decades. The Ospedale was an institution where orphans received instruction -- the boys in trades and the girls in music. The most talented musicians joined an orchestra that played Vivaldi's compositions, including religious choral music. Under Vivaldi's leadership, the orchestra gained international attention. In 1716, he was promoted to music director.

In addition to his choral music and concerti, Vivaldi had begun regularly writing opera scores by 1715; about 50 of these scores remain. His two most successful operatic works, La constanza trionfante and Farnace, were performed in multiple revivals during Vivaldi's lifetime.

In addition to his regular employment, Vivaldi accepted a number of short-term positions funded by patrons in Mantua and Rome. It was during his term in Mantua, from around 1717 to 1721, that he wrote his four-part masterpiece, The Four Seasons. He paired the pieces with four sonnets, which he may have written himself.

Vivaldi's fans and patrons included members of European royal families. One of his cantatas, Gloria e Imeneo, was written specifically for the wedding of King Louis XV. He was also a favorite of Emperor Charles VI, who honored Vivaldi publicly by naming him a knight.


"Antonio Lucio Vivaldi." 2014. The Biography Channel website. Jan 22 2014, 02:44

BAM Hightech 2021XLC 4/4 Violin Case with Black Carbon-Look Exterior and Large Music Pocket

Excelling in exciting and innovative case design, Bam France makes lightweight, compact, foam-padded cases to suit your individual needs. The Bam Hightech 2112XL 4/4 Violin Case with Black Carbon-Look Exterior and Large Exterior Music Pocket offers t
Excelling in exciting and innovative case design, Bam France makes lightweight, compact, foam-padded cases to suit your individual needs. The Bam Hightech 2112XL 4/4 Violin Case with Black Carbon-Look Exterior and Large Exterior Music Pocket offers t

The right case to protect your instrument

When I order my violin I would have to take it from home to school, so I made sure it was protected. I order a case to protect it against any damage or hazard it may be around. When you buy the violin that you really want spending little to protect it is important. The regular instruments come with a hard plastic case that is generic. When you buy the ones that are a little more expensive they come with a better quality case. When you really want full protection you normally would go buy a case separate from the one you receive with your instrument. The cases range from about $100 to $2000 dollars depending on the ones you want to buy. I do not have a crazy expensive violin but it did cost me about $1000 dollars when it was purchase. I have a hard case 'Eastman LEXINGTON Violin Case' that cost me at the time $180.00 but usually the prices will go up over the years. My rule is go for the full protection for your type of violin, anyone that has an instrument known how important it is to keep it safe. You have to protect it from environmental, water, and any other damages it may encounter. If your violin is a little more expensive than mine you may want to look at a case like 'BAM Hightech 2021XLC 4/4 Violin Case'. This case right now is $817 dollars, it really help protect your beautiful instrument, so it is well worth the price.

My first Violin

5 stars for Franz Hoffmann Maestro Violin 4/4

A True Love

You don't just play the violin, You fall in love with the instrument.
You don't just play the violin, You fall in love with the instrument.

Your Instrument that you have a passion for

What type of instrument do you play?

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Accessories for your instrument and music

Remember that everything require maintenance over time, you wan to always keep your instrument beautiful. Having the proper materials to take care off your instrument can make this really easy.

Some essential accessories you will need are:

  • Shoulder rest
  • Metronomes & tuner
  • Music stand & ACC
  • Rosin
  • Mute

You will also need the proper care accessories to keep it looking new and keeping things like rosin residue off your instrument. You will need to obtain :

  • Cleanser
  • Polish
  • Proper cleaning cloths
  • Humidifiers

This will also be a little expense but well worth it for your beautiful instrument in the end.

The Price Difference in quality

Skill Type
Franz Hoffmann® Maestro Violin
Beginning Violin
Karl Joseph Schneider Stradivari
Advanced Violin
Otto Ernst Fischer® Bianca Violin
Intermediate Violins

My next project: Learning the Piano

After learning the violin I have wanted to get into another instrument as well. I really love the piano, I am going to teach myself because I am a really bad student to be honest, plus I want the challenge. I may not master it but I will have fun trying on my own.

The General Categories Of a Piano

Before I start to play I went to look up the different types of piano that are out there. This is a general overview of the types of pianos I found online. I will be learning the Acoustic Piano to start my lessons with.

  • Acoustic Piano– This is the general name for the standard, non-digital, non-electronic piano.
  • Electric Piano – An electric piano is basically an acoustic piano with “pickups” on the strings that allow the sound to be amplified electrically.
  • Electronic Piano – An electronic piano simulates piano sounds using analog circuitry, similar to the way electronic synthesizers work.
  • Digital Piano – the sounds in a digital piano are usually “samples” – digital representations – of actual piano sounds recorded – or sampled – from actual pianos. They are usually much cheaper, lighter, and smaller than acoustic, and even electric pianos.
  • MIDI Piano – MIDI allows computers and other instruments to communicate with each other by sending digital “messages” back and forth over various communication channels.

© 2014 Kerby Mellon


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