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Playmobil Castles and Knights

Updated on October 11, 2011

 Playmobil Toys were created by Hans Beck of Germany. He was a cabinet maker by trade and created airplane models as a hobby. His company Geobra Brandstätter, asked him to create a toy line for children that was simple yet imaginative. Thus the Playmobil company emerged. The company has been around for 25 years and rivals Lego. It has evolved from the traditional Indian and cowboys themes. Now Playmobil covers ever facet of the imagination. From Farms to Castles and Pirate ships.

Playmobil Knights Action Set

 This Playmobil action set includes three knights dressed in armour and helmets.  The knight battle on a castle like structure that is complete with a working cannon.  The brave knoght have weapons ranging from spears to swords and shields.  All pieces of the weaponry are interchangeable and even the helmets.  This Playmobil action set can be used with other knight and castle sets!

Playmobil Knights Take Along

 This neat set contains a fort that folds into shield for your child to play with.  Your child can use the shield with his sword that is included in the set.The take along set contains one fort, four figures one horse and a canoe.  There are even working cannons.  Parent reviews are favorable stating the toy sparks a child's imagination.  The parts are plastic and easy to clean with soap and water.  be wary this set has 81 parts so some assembly is required!

Playmobil Great Dragon Castle Play Set

Playmobil has some intricate and fantastic castles. I haven't seen any castle as fantastic as this. Take a look at this Playmobil Great Dragon Playset. The castle looks authentic with its trees growing on the side and trap door and drawbridge. it even features a dungeon and a beacon. There are plenty of character and other things to go along with this castle set. Included in this set is a red dragon a glow in the dark skeleton and a some fantasy night creatures. Who wouldn't want to play with this castle? Parents be warned there is some assembly required. If the Castles are anything like the Playmobil Pirate ships you best put it together before he birthday party.

Playmobil Knights Empire Castle

 The Playmobil Knights Empire Castle is a fantastically big castle.  It contains a drawbridge, a trap door in the tower and a kings throne.  Parent reviews comment oh how the working parts of the castle such as the bucket and the drawbridge and trap door were particularly appealing to their children.  The castle is so detailed there is even a hole in the castle wall to represent a toilet!  This castle needs assembly and it will take you two hours to assemble. Parent reviews caution you to teach your child ho to not be rough wit it as some of the detailed pieces may come off.  Parent reviews state the directions for assembly were very easy to follow.  Over all this product received high reviews.

Playmobil Knights Adventure Playset

 This playset comes with a part of a castle and four figures. There are two knights sitting on horses and many many accessories.  Included are a crown, a chest of gold  a catapult and a grappling hook. The castle comes with trees and rocks.  The customer review is favorable.  Not for children three or under due to all of the small parts, and as always, some assembly is required!

Playmobil Rock Castle

This castle looks pretty sharp with it's red accessories. This castle is realistic with its weapons rack on the inside of the door. There are four figures and a horse, complete with weaponry. There are a few additional pieces such as a throne, treasure chest and table and chairs in this set. This set was made for play with the Red Dragon, but the red dragon does not come with it. parent reviews warn there are lot of extra details pieces that come with this set such as plastic rats, torches and fishbones. Parent reviews state this is a castle that gets played with daily! Remember this as you are assembling 500 plus pieces!

Playmobil Knights of Dragon Rock with Dragon

 Yes there be dragons here!  Here at Dragon Rock.  This Dragon set contains one Red Dragon, a dragon Cave, two knights one horse and a catapult with fire.  The parent reviews are favorable.  The dragon wings can come off but can also snap right back on.   This toy would go great with the Playmobil Rock castle or any of the castles.  The Dragon could raid any of them!

Playmobil Red Dragon Set

 The movie " How to Train Your Dragon"  has definitely brought Dragons and dragon lore to our children's attention.  This Playmobil Red Dragon Play set has a wonderful Red dragon that breaths fire.  There is also a knight to do battle with this fierce creature. Parent reviews are very favorable to this product and were used in conjunction with other Playmobil castles or Playmobil Dragon sets.

Playmobil Red Giant Dragon with LED Fire

 This Playmobil Dragon has an 18 inch wingspan and stands nearly a foot tall.  The dragon breathes LED fire and has a rider.  The rider has a cape lance and axe.  This dragon looks ferocious with an open mouth and claws outstretched.  It would please any dragon lover!

Playmobil Knight Carrying Case

 If you need an extra knight around the house, and hey who doesn't?  Then the  Playmobil Knight Carrying Case might be just for you.  The case itself is made of plastic and holds lots of action figures and accessories. Parent reviews state the children love it.  They are happy with the entertainment value and how long it captures their children's attention. parents also state this is a great accessory to any castle or knight play set.

Playmobil Knights' Take Along Castle

 The Playmobil Knights Take along Castle is perfect to take on vacation or to grandma's house.  the set includes four figures , one horse and a catapult. Parent reviews state this toy is definitely worth the money after seeing how much detail is going into the castle.  Customer reviews are favorable and report that any child who likes Playmobil or likes knights will defiantly love this toy.


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    • GarnetBird profile image

      Gloria Siess 

      8 years ago from Wrightwood, California

      This is fascinating and very unique. I once had an antique book on making toys; kind of sorry I sold it. Great hub.


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