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Playmobil Pirate Ships and other toys

Updated on November 23, 2011

ARRR Matey.. Thar be Pirates here! If your little one loves pirates and Pirate lore then check out the Pirate line of toys made by Playmobil. Playmobil makes a whole line of ships that any pirate would be proud to captain. Back in the day you would never see such detail on a pirate ship unless it would be a model. The characters to pirate the ships are also detailed. Check out the selection of ships, crew an other things nautical below!

Playmobil Toys were created by Hans Beck of Germany. He was a cabinet maker by trade and created airplane models as a hobby. His company Geobra Brandstätter, asked him to create a toy line for children that was simple yet imaginative. Thus the Playmobil company emerged. The company has been around for 25 years and rivals Lego. It has evolved from the traditional Indian and cowboys themes. Now Playmobil covers ever facet of the imagination. From Farms to Castles and Pirate ships.

Playmobil Red Corsair

 This realistic pirate ship is recommended by Playmobil for ages 4 and up.  However one reviewer cautions that this toy should be for someone 7 or up.  Because this ship is so intricate a younger child may not appreciate as much as an older child.  Please note too that this ship is made with red sails.  On reviewer suggests Playmobil will not make the same product again with the red sails.  This ship is the most reasonably priced of the ships. It would be a good starter ship for your littel one and a good test to see how interested they really are in the product.

Playmobil Large Pirate Ship

 This is obviously a more complicated toy. An I mean complicated in putting together. Parents who have purchased this toy warn if may take tow hours to put together, so you may want to have it completed before that birthday party! Although it takesa bit to put it together parents are generally pleased with the toy.  This ship can float on water or drive on wheels on land. The ship comes with many parts, such as a shooting cannon.  The anchor lifts and the flag hoists.  There are some pirate figures that come with this ship. You know you wnat this ship so that you too can play pirates!

Playmobil Pirate Corsair

 This pirate ship comes with pirates loot and sails.  This ship is similar to the red Corsair Pirate ship. It also has high reviews from parents.

Playmobil Ghost Pirate Ship 4806

Ohhh Scary Ghost Ship!! As typical with the Playmobil ships this ship can go on land or float in the water. It comes with many accessories including an anchor, treasure and two working cannons. It has a hidden flap that when opened exposed three of the glow in the dark ghost pirates that run this ship. You can purchase extra ghost pirates to complete the crew! This product can also be run by the Playmobil Underwater motor.

Playmobil Blackbeard Pirate Ship

 This is  very handsome pirate ship!  Festive with red sails and a pirate flag, this ship has a working cannon and a crows nest.  There are three pirates on board.  This ship also floats or drives on land. Parents who reviewed this product described it as durable a a child's favorite toy.  There is alotof detail to this ship right down to the last gun sword or any other pirate accessory.  As typical with Playmobil the ship may take some time assembling.

Playmobil Large Pirate Ship

 This might be the biggest ship Playmobil makes.  It is 28 inches long and 22 inces high.  Yes it floats and runs on wheels too.  It has an anchor, cabin and working crane.  It also has two cannons. There are many many accessories including chickens, glasses and lanterns.  All the details are very inspirational for imaginative play.  This ship does take several hours to assemble.  It also is recommended by Playmobil for youngsters 3 and up.  You might want to consider an older child depending on your young one does with toys,

Playmobil Pirate Crew

 And now for the pirates!  Playmobil has many pirates and pirate sets to chose from!  This set has four pirates with accessories.  The accessories include goblets, a candlestick,  and an open and close chest. The pirates themselves come decked out in removable pirate gear such as hat, scarves swords and pistols.  The swords and pistols are easy to place in and out of the pirates hands.  These figures can be used on any pirate ship.

Playmobil Skull Hideout

 There are many pirate play sets to choose from.  This one pirate skull hideout has 31 pieces to assemble.  It  comes with two accessorized pirates, a skeleton,  an island, and a workable cannon.  This set can be used in conjunction with any of the other pirate ships or pirate items.  Let your imagination soar!

Playmobil TreasureIsland Set

 This set contains tow pirate figures with accessories.  Also included is one glow in the dark skeleton and a tree.  The Treasure Island has a campfire and of course a  treasure chest full of pirate's bounty. The treasure chest actually locks.  There are also additional accessories such as a skull head, a torch and weapons.   It has high marks form other parents. 

Playmobil Pirate Treasure Chest

 This plastic treasure chest is made from plastic.  It has a handle on the top making it easier take with you.  Inside there  are some pirates and many other accessories.  The reviews for this product are very favorable.  Other parent describe the chest as not being too overwhenelming  for children to pick up or tote around.  They also state the content, plastic crabs, swords, treasure ect as keeping their children amused for hours.


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