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Playmobil Toys for Preschoolers

Updated on September 10, 2012

Playmobil Toys were created by Hans Beck of Germany. He was a cabinet maker by trade and created airplane models as a hobby. His company Geobra Brandstätter, asked him to create a toy line for children that was simple yet imaginative. Thus the Playmobil company emerged. The company has been around for 25 years and rivals Lego. It has evolved from the traditional Indian and cowboys themes. Now Playmobil covers ever facet of the imagination. From Farms to Castles and Knights to Pirates on the sea, Playmobil has a toy for all.

Playmobil Octopus Attack

I have never seen any toy spark my child's imagination as much as the Playmobil Toys have. We really never paid much attention to the blue boxes on the shelves until a recent trip to the toy store. My son happened to spy an Octopus attacking pirates on the box. After listening to "Pwease Mommy Pwease" I consented and we brought the blue box home with us.

When I opened the box I was a little put off because of the pieces that had to be put together. There were some white plastic pieces that held the rocks together that were a little annoying to get apart, but I quickly figured it out. Soon we had the set together. Some rocks with treasure box on top complete with gold coins. There were two action figures one Pirate captain and his first mate. The two figures had hats and swords and guns that were able to take off and on. The figures are pose able with moving legs and arms. They can also sit. Also with this set was a row boat with oars, a flag and a lantern. And of course there was the the giant octopus. Little did I know at the time I bought it that the giant octopus was a squirting octopus. A little tube runs under its tentacle!. My little guy had a great time squirting the pirates out of the ship or off the island! If you are going to use this for indoor play may I suggest you use an aquadoodle mat if you are inside.  It is made to absorb some water!

Cons to this toy is that there are many small pieces. Make sure your preschooler does not have a little sibling who might put these objects in their mouth. The other thing is that being so small they are easy to lose. You may have to use your  EMP ( Extra Mommy Powers) to locate the missing item! Also expect to be squirted!!! No one is immune to the squirting octopus!

Pros, this toy will hold your child's interest for a while. Don't be surprised if you get caught up in playing imagination games with your young one.

Playmobil Giant Crab

Because my little guy had such a great time with his pirates and squirting octopus I decided to fill his Easter basketwith a few Playmobil toys. I got him a Playmobil Giant Crab complete with ghost person that glows in the dark. Besides being an occasional crab, my son likes them and did love this toy. The little ghost man has a hat, a sash and an axe that are removable. He sits nicely atop his giant crab. The giant crab has a move able claw.   And yes I was pinched by the Giant crab! 

The Giant crab also pinched the Playmobil Mermaids. My son seemed to want the barbie Mermaids he had see on TV before so I decided these Mermaids might do instead. The exact mermaid set is not listed here but similar. There was a mermaid princess complete with removable crown and hair brush. Also with the set was a Playmobil Seahorse. My set had an additional figure with it, with removable hat and cape.

Playmobil Blackbeard Pirate Ship

I can see my next purchase is going to be Pirate Ship. Playmobil makes a very intricate Pirate ship complete with pirates.  The Playmobil Blackbeard Pirate Ship set contains one ship that actually floats.  It also haas wheels in it so it can be moed about easlity on land.  There is a Crows nest and a working cannon!.  This toy also comes with three pirates.

Playmobil Large Pirate Ship

 If your child is really really into pirate ships then set sail with the Playmobil large Pirate Ship.  A bit more expensive but there is a lot to this toy. This ship comes with four fully accessorized pirates. There is a treasure chest and a bounty full of food chickens, barrels and even a monkey!  The ship comes armored with a couple of cannons and some guns and swards for the pirate crew.  the ship itself floats but has wheels for land travel.  it is also complete iwht   a workable  crane and hatches.  This particular toy is sure to inspire a child's imagination as well as an adults!  Some Assembly is required! So you may want to have it all put together before it is time to open the presents!  This ship scored high marks on customer comments.  It was described as durable and imaginative.  Do beware it takes some time to put together!

Playmobil Castle Super Set 4133

When it comes to castles it seems Playmobil has cornered the market!  Just as with the Pirate ships, Playmobil has created many types of castles for all imaginations.  The one listed is more reasonably priced.  If you are absolutely certain your child will love  the castle  (or maybe YOU will love the castle) then you should purchase t more expensive and elaborate one.   This particular set, the Playmobil castle super set has a fort and a shooting cannon

Playmobil Knights Empire Castle

Now to the other extreme. This castle, the Playmobil Knights Empire Castle is like something out of a fairytale.  There is a drawbridge, a hoist, a prisoners dungeon and a King's throne.  This product is so detailed that the directions warn it takes TWO HOURS to assemble, so don't say you weren't warned! You can click on the picture of the product to get a close up very of just how detailed this toy is.  Remember toys like this one are not recommended for children 3 or under!

Playmobil Animal Farm

Playmobil has everything a real farm would have.  Looking for a chicken coop?  Got it!  Looking for  a cow pasture?  Got them too!  Playmobil has a very wide variety of farm toys.  The one featured is the Playmobil animal Farm.  It has a barn with a loft and two stables. the farm hands are busy putting out hay for the animals., and putting hay bales up in the loft.  Look how cute the sunflowers are.  Adorned with Chickens a cow and pig this set will spark the imagination of any would be farmer

Playmobil incorporates a lot of everyday concepts that  make this brand of Toy stand out from the rest. where else in the toy world can you find a dad with a stroller or a toy baby room. What a wonder way to get a child ready for life changing experiences. If you look a little further down the this list form Amazon you will even find Playmobil has made toys addressing sick children.. The is a toy child in a an incubator, a child in t wheelchair , and one int in a hospital bed. There is a Playmobil  operating room.  Imagine how these toys can ease a child anxiety or help explain a life changing event.


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    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      Sounds like fantastic toys I will keep these in mind for my grand kids. good job.

    • profile image

      AARON99 7 years ago

      This is very good hub on this topic. Well done. Enjoy.