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Top 5 Multiplayer Games for Playstation 2

Updated on April 6, 2012

The Playstation 2 has always been my favorite console because it bridged the gap between technology and amazing games.

I remember specifically that feeling of getting a PS2 and digging into the first game - it was completely blown away. In time, my friends began snagging the PS2 so, of course, we had to pick up multiplayer games.

I'm sure the PS2 has a special place in your own video game collection - if not than you need to snag up one of these classic consoles along with these games if you want to have a fun time.

Although the PS2 only had 2 controller ports, natively, you could always pick up the multi-player tap which let you go up to four players - which was always a blast!

In this hub, I want to share my top pick for the best Playstation 2 multiplayer games.

Timesplitters 2

Goldeneye may have been the greatest multiplayer shooter of the previous decade but Timesplitters 2 really takes the cake because it has that same kind of fun gameplay with friends.

The best part about the game, besides a hilarious story, is that the multiplayer came with a level editor which meant you were spending hours creating maps and then playing them with friends.

There are a ton of different weapons in the game that makes the entire experience a blast. You'll absolutely love this game if you never gave it a chance.

Lego Star Wars

Legos are already a staple of your childhood - you know it - I know it - we all played with them - remember how much it hurt when you stepped on one?

Well, don't worry about hurting yourself because this game puts you into that fun, inventive world but combined with Star Wars. The multiplayer aspect of the game is where it shines - sure it may feel childish at times but I don't think you'd care because it's wildly addictive.

I would recommend playing through Lego Star Wars II because it's the original trilogy.

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

On the N64, Gauntlet 64 was one of my favorite games but once Dark Legacy came out - it took the throne.

I remember playing Gauntlet in the arcades and was blown away once it was available on consoles. Dark Legacy combines all the great elements of the RPG/Beat-em-Up genre but with a really cool, stylized twist that lets you play a ton of different characters on dozens of levels.

This game gets even better when you play with more people - the enemies get harder and the mayhem ensues when you've got your buddies around.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Combine the awesomeness of Star Wars and make a sequel to one of the most enjoyable action games on the Playstation 2 and you've got Star Wars Battlefront II.

In this game, you get control of both sides of the Star Wars universe: Empire and Rebels. You'll play through as different classes and even be given access to some of the iconic characters throughout the series.

The gameplay is ridiculously fun when you're faced with hundreds of enemies - especially when you're playing with a friend. Battlefront II should be in everyone's collections if they want to play with others.

Guitar Hero

Before the Guitar Hero franchise became so saturated with games to the point of it being a joke - we had the original and it was a blast!

Guitar Hero added a whole new element of game play for friends - you got to play through the music that you loved on guitars - it was simpler back then before all the extra singing and drumming and crap.

Guitar Hero is still one of the big favorite games for when you're having a party - everyone remembers the fun they had and can't resist dusting off the guitars controllers for another round of nostalgia.

Get a PS2

Playstation 2's are ridiculously cheap these days - you can find them used for under $40!

The back catalog of games (single and multiplayer) will have you entertained for years. I've recently begun to rebuild my old PS2 collection and I've forgot just how much fun I had with the system.

I would recommend that any video game fan to go back and start collecting again. The best part is that since you can buy used - you can rebuild your old collection for about 1/4th of the price of when you were buying them new.

What was your favorite PS2 Multiplayer/Co-Op game?

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