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Playstation 4 Gaming Console

Updated on August 28, 2014

The designers for the Playstation 4 took notes when they designed the system. They considered each feature. This system was built to be developer friendly and has a PC-like architecture. The Playstation 4 also comes with a dual shock 4 controller. This is one of the best controllers Sony has made so far.

The Hardware and Features

Sony has designed the most attractive piece of hardware. It has a sharp, slightly angled profile. The profile is accented by a light bar. The light bar acts as a status indicator for the console. The PlayStation 4 is digital only. It has HDMI/optical ports on the back. There are no video or analog outputs. An internal power supply is available for this system as well.

When it comes to the fundamentals, the PS4 hardware is outstanding. It has a half-matte and half-gloss finish. The design of the system is similar to a stylish DVD player instead of a video game console. This system is small and compact. The PlayStation 4 console packs more powerful hardware than any other console available.

This machine is an impressive technical accomplishment. It is not a distraction when it is sitting your living room. The PlayStation 4 can blend in with your entertainment center because of its compact size. It can still stand vertically like the previous systems. If you have pets or kids, you may want to purchase a vertical stand. This system can also charge the dual shock 4 controllers. This is done with the USB while the machine is in standby mode.

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The Experiences of Shared Gaming

You can also engage in endless personal challenges with your community. This can be done with the press of a button. You just press the share button on the controller and scan thorough the last few minutes of gameplay. The game can be continued from previous gamplay. The video can upload as you play the game. Your gameplay can be broadcasted in real-time as well.

The Entertainment of PlayStation Plus

There is a rich portfolio of applications provided by the PlayStation 4 that gamers will have access to. These applications will feature the hottest television shows and movies. They will also feature unique content and live sports programming. There is also a new service called PlayStation Plus. This service is designed to bring gamers and games together. It is also designed to fuel the next generation of gaming on this system. PlayStation Plus will help discover a world of extraordinary gaming experiences. This will be done through the expanding collection of excellent games that members get access to as part of the membership. There are other gamers that you can play with and challenge as well. This is an all-new multi-player service of the next generation for gamers.


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