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Playstation network password reset how to

Updated on May 15, 2011

How to Reset Sony PS3 Network Password


You can no longer change your primary password from your playstation 3 console to reset your playstation network password. This is required to get back on psn so you must now use their email reset link.

In order to get this link,

1. go on your console and choose sign-in

2. Choose "Forgot Password"

3. Confirm both your birthday and your email address

4. Wait patiently for your reset email to come to your inbox*
* Your email can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours. Everyone is recieving different wait periods, and to my knowledge this is random. My email came to my inbox within 20 minutes.


Now for the bad news. Playstation if they were not already annoying enough has committed the same mistake they made to get them into this mess. They did not plan carefully. By requiring all the members (millions) to reset their password using the same server they have completely flooded their servers and no one can reset their passwords. Unless you are lucky or relentless you will be stuck refreshing your reset link for hours and hoping you can complete the steps. The steps are broke down in 2 or 3 different pages so you must get all the way through for your password to be changed.

This is leaving a majority of PSN users very angry, and since I just checked PlayStation has now put on their webpage that the reset links are "down for maintenance". This is typical and unacceptable.

I am not sure who is in charge at Sony but they are not very smart. Whoever approved this process to change passwords obviously has no experience with a high volume of web traffic.


Now I am back to my goal of reconnecting to PlayStation network any guesses on how long the website will be down? two to three weeks anyone?

Good luck!

UPDATE - The services to the password reset servers have been restored, and I was able to change my password earlier today. This is great news!

Please leave comments if you are successful so everyone else can follow your lead!


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    • shanestyle profile image

      shanestyle 6 years ago

      Looks as if PSN is down for a second phase? I guess the initial relaunch of the network was only for testing and there is more work to be done