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Learning with Plush Bugs and Animals

Updated on February 22, 2015

The Development of a Baby's Sight

At birth, a newborn's senses are functioning, but are less developed than our own. A baby can take in the sounds, sights, touch and smells of the world.

Newborns can focus best on objects about 8 to 12 inches away, such as the interesting face of mom or dad. Although they can see things that are farther away, they can't focus well on distant objects. A well as human faces, they are attracted by movement, bright colors and objects with contrasting patterns, and movement are the things a newborn likes to look at best. Try making a very basic drawing of a face : eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Hold it close to baby, then move it slowly, and watch the baby follow its movement.

Bumble Bee crib toy
Bumble Bee crib toy

As a baby's senses develop, they can start to see better and begin to grasp with purpose. At this time, they are ready for all those cute and colorful toys you've been impatient to play with. Babies of this age are a lot of fun - you can watch the way they investigate with their hands and mouth, and interact with you and their environment.

Most babies love to reach out to touch, grab or pull on nearby objects. Bright, colorful and tactile toys, noisy and musical toys, and light-reflecting toys are usually a great success. These sensory toys stimulate baby's senses and encourage them to learn through play.

In addition to keeping baby occupied and content, a colorful crib or stroller toy can also help baby to interact positively with parents and older siblings.

Cuddly Bugs and Animals with Character

Babies and toddlers love a cuddly character made of soft and bright plush, and with a little something extra, like a mirror, chime or crinkle. Added to that, a toy that can be given a little personality, such as a buzzy bee, a bubbly ladybug or a sneaky snail, will hold attention for longer.

Of course, for mums and dads, it helps to know that a toy is free from harmful or toxic substances. The ideal clip on toy should also attach easily to a stroller, crib or car seat.

Bug and animal stroller toys, like this dragonfly, will stimulate baby's developing senses and keep parents worry-free.

My Natural Clip n Go Stroller Toy, Dragonfly
My Natural Clip n Go Stroller Toy, Dragonfly

This cute dragonfly toy is 10 inches high, and made in calming blue and lilac. He has lilac antennae, with white wings, and a crinkle.

You can pair him with a busy little Bumble Bee (pictured above). She's a cheerful little bee with a fat, stripy body, colorful yellow antennae and a chime.


Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragonfly

Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky.

— Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Silent Noon

Clip-Ons, Wrap Arounds and Arches

Stroller toys are available as clip-on toys, activity bars or arches and wrap around toys. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. An activity bar or arch can be moved from a crib to a bouncer or car seat with a set of familiar toys, which may help baby feel they are in familiar surroundings. Sadly, not all arches and bars will fit where you want them.

Wrap around stroller toys are often bright and funky. They are handy to use, simply wrapping around a stroller bar, crib or convenient object, however, some parents have found them difficult to attach to particular bouncers and carseats. In some cases, the wrap around can unwrap itself and fall off, or simply scrunch up to an unusable blob. If you can attach one securely, you should be able to clip different toys on and off.

Single stroller toys, such as those on this page, can be clipped directly to a stroller, high chair or crib. They can be attached and detached easily, allowing you to vary the toys or give one to baby to chew or play with. If you are unsure about the places you may want to use stroller toys, these individual toys can be very handy.

Entertaining Baby and Others

Many small children are quite content while you keep moving, but may become fussy when you stop to rest or speak to someone. A few toys or activities can help to keep baby amused while you rest or pay for your shopping. They are also useful for amusing other children that may be with you. Your toddler, or older child, can use the stroller toys to divert and entertain baby while you are busy.

My Natural Clip n Go Stroller Toy, Butterfly
My Natural Clip n Go Stroller Toy, Butterfly

This pretty and tuggable butterfly is 9 inches high. She has pink, lilac and purple body and head, with embroidered wings and a crinkle.

You can pair the butterfly with a colorful green and orange striped caterpillar. He has bright yellow antennae, six legs, and a hidden chime.

Or make a trio of bug friends by including a cute lilac and pink ladybug (pictured below).


Strolling for Exercise and Pleasure

Forget the crib, bouncer or car seat for the moment... Strolling with your baby or infant can be a lovely experience for both of you, sharing fresh air and the world around you. It also gives an opportunity to start to build that important parent-child bond.

Strolling is a healthy way for a parent to get some exercise. For a mum, it can also be a useful way to burn off any excess body weight that built up during pregnancy.

Although a walk to to the shops or in the park can be fun, filled with new sights and sounds, sometimes this isn't enough. Small children have short attention spans, and my simply lose interest. This is when a few light and bright playthings can be very useful.

Ladybug and Turtle

My Natural Clip n Go Stroller Toy, Snail
My Natural Clip n Go Stroller Toy, Snail

A darling pink and orange 9 inch snail, no legs of course, but he does have chewable purple antennae. He also has a chime to stimulate baby's senses.

Pair him with a gorgeous green turtle (pictured above), who has a creamy-beige head and legs, with with a chime and mirror.


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      I love the bugs!

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