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Pocket Mine - A Great Game for Anyone - Short Review and Pocket Mine Basics

Updated on February 19, 2015

Pocket Mine, Simplistic Yet Addictive

Meet Pocket Mine, a game of going deeper into the mine, finding collectible artifacts, treasure chests filled with goodies, setting off explosions, and getting valuable ores.

This game created by Roofdog Games is free to play on Andriod and Apple.

Unlike, most games Pocket Mine is actually completely free. Now, you still view an occasional amount of pop ups but it's normally one per load of Pocket Mine which isn't enough to be annoying (You can choose to view more ads for free gifts, which also helps support the creators!) There are also in-app purchases that can be made if you wish to advance at your pace, but it isn't by any means.


I've been playing pocket mine for roughly two years now (switching devices a few times) and haven't taken a big break from it yet.

Pocket Mine is a game you don't have to play every day - although you can. You get five energy max to mine with in this game, each energy takes fifteen minutes to regenerate. While the regeneration seems like it would be frustrating, it isn't. When you first start off, five energy will get you through levels pretty quick, and when you level up you regenerate your full energy bar which is a great feature. So the energy depletion and regeneration is good because it doesn't allow you to binge play to the point of getting tired of the game.

You also get a pickaxe with very minimal durability to start but that will change as you gain money you can increase your pickaxe strength making it addicting to upgrade your pickaxe.

Money is also very easy to come by as you can get if from getting ores and wood chests in mines, money blocks, and watching ads. Gems are another form of currency and are ways to speed things up, get more health, and buy special things. They aren't necessary to play but nice to have for special characters

Speaking of characters, there are quite the variety of characters you can collect with certain specialties. My favorite being Digtron who automatically picks up ores so you don't have to yourself. Digtron costs 20 gems so it's good to start saving up for him.

Lastly you have a deck of cards to collect which range from more ores - to more explosives. The cards are fun because you really can customize what you want to find and help you get more keys to open the chests you get!

Overall, this is a great game to play and it can take as little as two minutes to play, so if you don't have much time to commit to it, it's alright. This is a good game for many ages and a game to at least try once.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Overview of the main screen on pocket mine (pictures from my game save)
Overview of the main screen on pocket mine (pictures from my game save)
Overview of the main screen on pocket mine (pictures from my game save)
Click thumbnail to view full-size
Popup where you can open your chests and view the number of keys you have.
Popup where you can open your chests and view the number of keys you have.
Popup where you can open your chests and view the number of keys you have.

Main Page Basics

Let's talk about the screen above, at the very top corner (right to left) you have your character, level and progress bar, money, gems, and energy bar. Below that is the several different tabs you can view - we'll get to those soon, first were starting with the pickaxe icon tab, the main page.

Below the tabs is the free gift option to watch a video and get a small free gift, typically being a small assortment of cash. There is also the "Great Deal" tab next to it which is where you find the most recent deal going on with in-app purchases. Again, not a must but some people like purchasing items for their games.

Next you have a bar that shows all of the chests you've collected and how many of each you have. Theres a wood, iron, gold, diamond, and rainbow chest. They are found in mines at different heights, woods being the highest up and each chest gets lower and lower underground making them more rare. The rainbow chest must be created though. Under the display of chests you have the option to "unlock a chest" and that's where you go to unlock your chests, each costing keys which you get from completing goals when you mine. (each type of chest costs different amounts of keys. A wood chest being one key and a rainbow being seventeen keys. It is very beneficial to try to complete what goals you can, although it is not necessary)

After that you have a display of what your pickaxe looks like and the strength of it and beside that is the option to upgrade the pickaxe, every time costing more money and every time you get less of a strength increase. (for example; when you begin you get +5 strength when you increase your pick strength but me being at level 44, I only get +1 strength) Note; it takes a while to get to get down to where the strength increase is at +1 but it is still worth it even then at that point.

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An example of what your card deck may look like.
An example of what your card deck may look like.
An example of what your card deck may look like.
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Card deck showing countdown.
Card deck showing countdown.
Card deck showing countdown.


This page is where you can fuse cards you own and see all of the cards you own.

There are different colors of card which indicate the type they are/how rare they are. Colors being white, blue, green, purple, and gold. White is common, blue is uncommon, green is rare, purple is mythical, and gold is legendary.

Now Fusing is when you get a duplicate of the same card and you are allowed to pay to put them together to combine the effects. This is most of the time worth it as it gives you more powered up cards to use when mining. This is important because you can't use your whole deck with mining, obviously, you can only use three cards. There are different cards that can be upgraded differently.

Note that when you do this, if you're fusing two cards that have 12% (or 14% or 16% so on and so on) you don't combine the percentages, you go up by two percent each time. When it's 100%, you go up by 25% each time.

Fusing gets more expensive the higher level that your card is.

You'll see in the picture above that you have a choice to buy cards (which is pretty pricey) and to see your decks.

Decks are where you can have a custom set of three cards you want to use when you mine. These can be very beneficial as you can put together a very profitable deck.

Decks can be unlocked when you hit level sixteen and they cost one thousand dollars for the first one, and ten gems for the second. They are great to use so I highly suggest buying one, and probably only buying one as even if you have two, you still have a cool down on decks. You can only use a deck every four hours or you can speed it up for four gems (also is not worth it).

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Artifact tab.
Artifact tab.
Artifact tab.


This is probably an easier part of the game to understand. Collectibles like this are often parts of many Facebook and flash games.

Every time you open a crate in Pocket Mine you'll collect either ores or you'll get an artifact. Artifacts are collected and when you fill up a category like my sports category you'll have the option to redeem it and you'll get cards for some and others travel tickets.

Side note: Travel tickets can be used on special promotional time "vacation" game modes which don't cost energy but cost your travel ticket. On these special game modes you'll collect more artifacts that you may need.

You also have the option to break them down for crafting and to trade them with Facebook friends to get much needed artifacts.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Factory tab.
Factory tab.
Factory tab.

Factory Work

This is the last tab to discuss, the last two are for in-app purchases and for settings.

The factory is a great investment, like the deck it costs one thousand dollars to activate and additional ones cost more rubies. (one is decent enough though)

Here you can make things from chests to travel tickets to cards.

The base of all things is the Magic Cube, the magic cube is crafted by destroying one artifact of your choice (be sure to use what you don't need only!) Magic cubes are needed in almost every recipe.

You can combine chests and Magic Cubes to make better chests and here is the only place you can obtain a rainbow chest. You can also make travel tickets (although it costs gems) and cards here.

Each item you craft takes a certain amount of time to craft and when it's done you must go to the factory page and hit the "ready" button for you to obtain the item.

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The screen where you choose your game mode.
The screen where you choose your game mode.
The screen where you choose your game mode.

Mine Choice (Game Modes)

When you click on the big "play" button on the front page you are taken to this popup (which can be closed if you change your mind. Just press the red 'x' in the top left corner).

You typically have three game modes that are always there. You have "Classic" for typical game play which costs one energy every time you play, you have "Lucky Hit" costing one energy and can be played every four hours, and then you have "Acid Caves" costing two energy.

Classic - A typical game play. No special stuff.

Lucky Hit - This can be played every four hours and in lucky hit you get three choices of boxes you can hit (you can only hit one as that is all your pickaxe durability is during this and everything else is made out of obsidian which is unbreakable by normal means.) It is completely random but depending on which you get you will get goodies from keys to ores. One being the most profitable as it is the "Lucky Hit" and it holds the most ore.

Acid Caves - This game mode costs two energy and is best used when close to leveling up to maximize xp possibilities. In this mode every hit takes two durability from your pick ( by normal means it is one durability per hit) and every thing is worth double xp. I would not recommend it to low level players with low level pickaxes.

Specility Game Modes - These are game modes that are released for holidays or just for random periods of time. Some only last for a few hours while some can last days. Some of them will cost travel tickets which will get you special artifacts and some will cost gems and have a lot of expensive ore.

Some of these game modes are worth it and some are not.

Actually a few days ago there was a Valentine's Day Special that cost one gem to "find cupids treasure". This game mode aided useful as it was more of a preset game mode with things you could trigger for big explosions making good use of your pickaxe and you would get a couple thousand bucks if you have a good enough pickaxe.

Also this game mode had gems that would be in easy to find places which would result in getting 1-10 gems per game play (at least that's the most I got). There was maybe five times when I didn't find a gem but let me tell you, it was worth it. I went from thirty one gems to eighty eight gems in the time the mode was active, I accrued all that money you see in the screen shots above, leveled up numerous times, and increased my pickaxe to the point of only being able to level it once per level. Be sure to try these game modes out, they could be worth it.

A good note is not to waste cards that give you "100 percent more" or more of anything unless it is the salesmen cards that sell your ores for a percentage more. Those are how I got rich.

I always recommend to try out the gem modes at least once if they are under five gems and you have some gems laying around.

Also, try to save your gems and not waste them on health boxes or anything silly.

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Choosing your deck, viewing your goal, and playing!
Choosing your deck, viewing your goal, and playing!
Choosing your deck, viewing your goal, and playing!

Setting Up

Now when you select your mode you'll come to this screen (for most modes) and here is where you select your cards and view your goal.

You start with a random assortment of three cards, if you don't like any of them, hit reshuffle. You can reshuffle four times until it costs gems. The first time it costs five dollars, the second ten, the third 15, and lastly twenty.

If you like on or two cards but not the third then you can tap the card to lock it and it will stay there when you reshuffle. Try to get the best combination of cards you can and never use gems to reshuffle. It's just not worth it.

You can also select one of your pre-made decks to use here.

Underneath that it shows your goal. In the picture above it would like me to obtain 19 diamonds and I will get three keys for it which is a pretty good deal. I would definitely keep my cards related to more diamonds so I can be sure I achieve the goal and get the keys.

You don't have to complete the goal, you can just play however you like, but completing the goal helps you get keys to open your chests and it isn't bad to have an excess of keys.

If you try to achieve a goal, I would stray from hitting too many stone blocks and coal blocks (stone costing two hits and reaping no benefits and coal being the cheapest ore) unless they are your goals.

When you are all set press that "Let's Dig" button.

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What gameplay looks like.
What gameplay looks like.
What gameplay looks like.


Now after all that information it's time to play.

On this screen you will see your pickaxe durability on the top right, your three cards you picked following that, and then you will see your goal and you completion status. Underneath the pickaxe durability is your depth (the lower you get, the better.) and underneath your goal is two arrows pointing to the left and if you pull that tab out you can pause the game.

When you start of the game is in a paused mode. The ground isn't moving so you don't have to worry about time. As soon as you hit something you will see your screen start to move downwards and you will see more black space. If black space if more than twenty five percent of your screen you need to start hitting stuff quick and going further into the mine.

If you let the black fill the screen the game will be over even if you have pickaxe durability left so be sure to be quick and use your pickaxe wisely.

Remember to try not to waste it on stone or unnecessary dirt. But if you have to waste it just to get further in the mine and avoid the game being over before you run out of pickaxe, do what you need to.

In the picture above, I have two much black space around me and need to get digging, and quick.

You'll notice you will place torches and ladders around the mine to help you navigate better, that is autonomous and doesn't require you to do anything.

Also it is important to remember to pick up all of your gems if you don't have Digtron, if you don't you will not receive credit for them.

Hit any explosive crates that you wish. Some can be useful, some cannot. You will find out which ones work for you. Always get artifact crates (they look similar to the explosive ones but have no logo on them) as they cost no pickaxe durability, and always as they never cost durability and it's okay to have an excess of chests.

Try to remember not to let too much black space consume your screen, try to get as deep as you can as it yields better ores, and use your pickaxe wisely.

This game is a lot of trial and error and learning as you go, so take this information and run with it, you'll discover things on your own as well.

There is a video below that shows you what gameplay actually looks like.

An Example of Basic Gameplay from Youtube

My Rating

5 stars for Pocket Mine

Ending Notes

Basically, this game is so much fun and everyone should give it a shot. It is well worth the time and doesn't cost any money to play (but with the content it provides it should!). While the name suggest it is a mining game it isn't really like minecraft but I would suggest it to any minecraft player because it does have some similar elements.

Check this game out on the Apple App market and Google Play on Android.

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