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Nick Jr Pocoyo Toys and DVDs

Updated on November 23, 2011

Pocoyo is a popular cartoon featured on the Nick Jr Network. It is seen around the world. In fact the cartoon is really a "short" that is featured in between cartoons. My son and I love this cartoon so much we usually stop what we are doing and sit down and watch the full seven minutes. Pocoyo is a Spanish made cartoon That features a little boy dressed all in blue. He has friends, Pato a silly duck and Elly the Elephant. This cartoon is unique in the fact it is done all on white space. There is no background, The cartoon features the characters, the narrator and the situation they are involved in. The characters don't speak too much so a narrator interacts with the characters.

Pocoyo: Meet Pocoyo

If you have not seen the Pocoyo cartoon then this would probably be a good introductory DVD for you and your family to watch. It is 49 minutes long and received five out of five stars form 12 customer reviews. Customers are pleased with the stories and the quality of the video. Parents state their children just laugh and laugh at the characters.

Incidently there were about 104 of the cartoons created out of two seasons.

The Pocoyo Squeeze plush is 9 inches tall. Squeeze him and you can hear some musical excerpts from the show. Also squeeze his belly and you can hear him laugh! Pocoyo very loosely translated means little me.  The word was actually created by a three year old daughter of one of the directors. During her prayers  ( spoken in Spanish) she would inadvertently make up this word when she was supposed to be saying anohter.

Pocoyo Musical Plush Characters -Squeeze n Play Pocoyo

Meet Pocoyo 's friend Elly. Elly is a pink elephant who rides about on her scooter and wears a blue backpack. Even though she is big she is graceful. She likes to bake for her friends. This plush Elly stands nine inches tall and looks as if she is ready to strike up the band!

Pocoyo Musical Plush Characters -Squeeze n Play Elly

Pato is the Spanish word for duck and is the name for this yellow character. Often seen on the cartoons he wears a green hat. He is one of the more impatient of the characters. Sometimes he throws little temper tantrums. His beak does funny things like get bent or swing around his head. My son always laughs when that happens. This Plush Pato is six inches tall. He is wearing his green hat!

Pocoyo and Friends Mini Plush Characters - Pato

Here is Loula, Pocoyo's dog.  She is six inches tall and reccomended for ages 18 months and up.

Pocoyo and Friends Mini Plush Characters - Loula

Bandai - Pocoyo Vamoosh Bath Toy

Now that you have met some of the characters here are more of the Toys.  First up we have Pocoyos Vamoosh.  This is a bath toy.  Fill It's tank and pull the Octopus and watch it run thorugh the water!Along wiht this toy is a Pocoyo figure and two squirting fish!  Watch out mom and dad!

The Pocoyo Electronic Pedal Car and the Bump and go Racing car are the two best ways for Pocoyo to get around!  The Bump and go racing car operates on three AA batteries. Just press his head and music plays form the vehicle as he speeds away.  Press his head again and he goes faster with louder music.When the car hits something it automaticall backs up and turns around.The Bump and Go vehicle received five out of five stars from one customer review. This parent states there is a silent switch on th car so it can run with out music.  But then states the music is really not that loud.  The parent sates this toy gets a lot of attention from his child.

Pocoyo Electronic Pedal Car Toy

Pocoyo Bump N' Go Racing Car 24741

Pocoyo Bath Figures 3-Pack 24701

Make bath time fun with bath time Pocoyo and friends.  Take a bath with Pocoyo, Elly and Pato.  Pato floats on the water while Elly and  Pocoyo squirt water. The plastic figures are 2.5 inches high.

Pocoyo and his friends have many adventures for you to share.  There are several DVDs available as well as books. Pocoyo had two seasons and had aired 52 shows each season!


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    • breakingnews profile image


      8 years ago from Pakistan

      Nice information about Pocoyo Toys.

    • Ms Chievous profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Wv

      So would I if I did not have my little one around :)

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      8 years ago from south Florida

      If it were not for this explanatory hub, I would be grievously Pocoyo-challenged.


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