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Pokeball Replicas and Collectible Toys

Updated on June 6, 2016
Poke Ball Replica
Poke Ball Replica | Source

Gotta Catch 'em All with these Poke Ball Replicas!

Where to buy realistic pokeball replicas? That is the ultimate question! But, before delving into that more, finding and searching them is the most crucial priority!

Luckily, some are easy to find and obtain. Nope, you don't have to go to a Poke Mart but...they still all come at a price! Let's not talk about the price tag that much though because that's really not important.

These little pieces of critter capturing devices already come in all sizes and shape (mostly round of course) in our world. Some are made of soft foams, some plastic, some metal, and some even cotton but - they're all practically the same! They are all the same in a sense that they all root from the very essence we all love - Pokemon!

Now, try exploring and adventuring because the quest is just getting started. Replicas or not, we just gotta have 'em all! After all, how should we catch 'em all (I'm referring to all those Pokemon obviously) if we don't have our prized pokeballs by our sides (or pocket, or bag, or hands), right?

Pokemon Poke Ball Collection

There's a whole array of them and they're all ready for you to throw and catch those Pokemon critters!

1. Soft Foam Pokeball Replicas

Soaf Foams? Yes, Soft Foams! To start everything here off the bat, I'm presenting to you the best you could have (like right now) when it comes to these cool little pieces of round objects everyone calls Poke Balls. And with this first entry, we have the super affordable and (kind of) realistic Soft Foam Pokeball replicas!

You can find a big selection of these Soft Foam Pokeballs and even other varieties on Amazon. Just follow this link to go there.

Now, now...don't let the term "Soft Foam" fool you. We all know real ones of these aren't probably made of foam but, in this world at this point in time, these are what comes to very close to the real ones. Sure you could have plastic and metal ones but, I'm pretty convinced you wouldn't be able to throw them around just like these soft foams without damaging or even breaking them, right?

And that's why we're lucky to have these choices. These soft foam replicas are true-to-life, just like the real ones, and beautifully made! Adding to all of that, you could even throw these around and pretend you are indeed catching wild Pokemon and on your way to become the best trainer there is in the world.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Do you possess mastery of all the kinds of pokeballs or even just any aspect of Pokemon?

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The Different Types of Pokeballs:

Poké Ball - a basic item used to capture wild Pokemon. It's mass-produced and cheap that it's the standard item used trainers throughout the world.

Great Ball - a good-quality item that has a greater success rate at catching wild Pokemon than the standard Poké Ball. This item is also mass-produced and readily available at most Poke Marts and Department Stores.

Ultra Ball - a high-quality item that has an even greater success rate at catching wild Pokemon than the Great Ball. This item is also mass-produced and readily available, but also more expensive.

Lure Ball - created from the blue apricorn, this item is specialized for catching wild Pokemon that were reeled in by rods through fishing.

Friend Ball - created from the green apricorn, this item has the effect of making any captured Pokemon friendlier with the trainer.

Fast Ball - created from the white apricorn, this item is catered for catching wild Pokemon that are fast to escape during an encounter/battle.

Quick Ball - this item is designed to be used at the very start of a qild Pokemon encounter. The earlier you use it, the higher the success rate.

Nest Ball - this special ball is meant to be used on low-level Pokemon. The lower the level of the Pokemon to be captured, the higher the success rate of capturing it.

Heavy Ball - created using the black apricorn, this item is unique in a sense that it's made to increase the success rate of catching all sorts of heavy Pokemon. The heavier the Pokemon it is used on, the higher the chance of capturing it.

Premier Ball - this item is more of a commemorative item that can also be used to catch wild Pokemon. It commemorates an event of some sort.

Cherish Ball - this rare item can only be obtained through a special event. As such, it always comes with a Pokemon that you should cherish. Also, you can never have an empty cherish ball, much more, use it to capture wild Pokemon unless you obtain it using a cheat of some sort.

Dive Ball - a special item that is designed to catch Pokemon that can usually be found underwater.

Dream Ball - it's a special type of item that suddenly appears in your bag in the Entree Forest. It can only be used in the Dream World and has a 100% success rate of catching Pokemon.

Dusk Ball - an item that is best used during the night or inside dark places like caves. It heightens the success rate of capturing wild Pokemon that lurks in the dark.

Heal Ball - when used to catch a Pokemon, this item heals and removes any status ailment from the critter right after the battle.

Level Ball - created using the red apricorn, this item is most effectively used when catching wild Pokemon that are of lower levels than yours. The wider the level gap, the better!

Love Ball - created from the pink apricorn, this item works very well when catching Pokemon that has the opposite gender of yours. It's the power of love!

Luxury Ball - a special item that glitters in luxury that any Pokemon caught by it quickly becomes more friendly/affectionate with the trainer/owner.

Moon Ball - created from the yellow apricorn, this item is especially effective when used to capture Pokemon that are capable of evolving using the moon stone.

Net Ball - this item greatly increases the chances of catching water/bug Pokemon.

Park Ball - a special item that can only be used in the Pal Park.

Repeat Ball - an item that is particularly effective on Pokemon that have already been caught by the trainer before.

Safari Ball - a special item used to capture wild Pokemon inside the Safari Zones. This exclusive item can only be used inside the premises of the Safari Zones.

Sport Ball - a special item that is meant to be used only during bug-catching contests.

Timer Ball - this item is effectively used when catching Pokemon that are difficult to just catch in a few rounds/turns. The longer or greater the rounds/turns, the better the capture success rate.

Master Ball - a super-rare item that has the guarantee of catching any wild Pokemon at a 100% success rate. It's the best of all the best and the master of all pokeballs There's usually just one Master Ball that can be obtained throughout any game.

Assorted Pokeball Replicas
Assorted Pokeball Replicas | Source

2. Plastic Pokeball Replicas

Amongst the existing array of Pokemon merchandise and collectibles in the world, the plastic pokeball replicas are in league with the soft foam ones in terms of quality and affordability. Depending on how they are made or manufactured, they cater quality that has tremendous potential of mimicking the likes of what legitimacy we have in mind. But, since the material is quite easy to procure and fairly cheap, some low-quality items and collectibles are also unavoidable.

So, brushing off the technicalities aside, what matters is that we have choices that can satisfy our collector's hand itch and fan cravings. Since the plastic implements of these things are available, it's ready-choice that we must collect! Hence, the plastic pokeballs are marching in with beautifully-crafted forms and toy-like schemes.

Oh by the way, plastic and foam are actually practically the same (or something like that). Styrofoam or polystyrene is a petroleum-based plastic after all. For the purpose of this hub, I separated the soft foam ones from the more "general" plastic ones for designation and detail.

How to Make a Pokeball:

Metallic Pokeball Replica 3D Render
Metallic Pokeball Replica 3D Render | Source

3. Metal Pokeball Replicas

When it comes to quality, grade, and authenticity - metal pokeball replicas should probably be the best there are in our current existence! Though they may be quite rare and really hard to find, they do possess a realistic touch that stands above all other replicas. As such, if you're looking for the REAL THING(actually, just the closest thing to it), then the lifelike metal thing-a-lings should be what you are crazy about.

Just a note though, don't get too obsessed with these metallic replicas. They may be really (as in, REALLY) close to the real deal but, every Pokemon fan/lover/enthusiast/gamer knows that most pokeballs are made of apricorns. Maybe the mass-produced types and varieties are made of metal but...who knows?

Slouchworx's Realistic Full-metal Pokeball Replica

Poke Ball Plush Stuffed Toy Pillow
Poke Ball Plush Stuffed Toy Pillow | Source

4. Pokeball Plushies/Stuffed Toys

These types of Pokeballs should be the least of your concern when looking/buying legitimate ones but, they weren't called plushies and stuffed toys for nothing! Like, how could even possibly resist now?

Dun dun dun! I say to you again - PLUSHIES and STUFFED TOYS! Uh-oh, it's the incarnation of cuddliness, fluffiness, and softness! And...they're in the shape of Pokemon Pokeballs! Just wow! Soooo fluffy, I'm gonna die!!!

Even though these aren't probably what you're looking for here, there's nothing to lose! These fluffy objects aren't the same as the real ones but, they can actually make do. As your pillow, as your soft friend, as your cuddly companion - that's all that matters to these. Plus, you could even also throw them around swankily like a legit trainer would for added effect!

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    • Paxash profile image

      Darcie Nadel 

      3 years ago from Louisiana

      My mom's float theme for our local Mardi Gras parade next year is Pokemon. I'm gonna have to show her some of these to give her some ideas for her specialty throws!


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