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Pokedex Toy For Sale

Updated on July 8, 2011

What does every kid want to be when he grows up? Alright, not every kid, but every kid who's a big fan of Pokémon? A Pokemon trainer.

They love the idea of going out on their own, with a few trusting Pokemon, and taking on the world. It's the first sense of freedom and independence that one can have, whether it's Pokemon or something else entirely.

That's what makes the Pokedex toy such a great Pokemon toy to buy. A toy Pokedex is the closest someone can get to feeling like a real Pokemon trainer, making it a great idea to buy Pokedex toys.

There are numerous Pokedex toys to choose from - the talking Pokedex, the original Pokedex, even a few advanced Pokedex.


Buy Pokedex - Talking Pokedex

Talking Pokedex

The talking Pokedex is one of the coolest Pokedex toys to buy.   It features over 300 Pokemon, inlcuding the original 150, with descriptions and battle stats for each one; furthermore each Pokemon description has an option of being heard, via the talking feature (hence the name talking Pokedex). 

It has an LCD screen that hardly ever scratches, with multiple sound effects and colors for each Pokemon.  

In addition to the stats and description, the talking Pokedex features three battle games.  These are fun way to test your knowledge of all the different Pokemon. 

Buy Advanced Pokedex

Advanced Pokedex

The advanced Pokedex is, in my opinion, the best Pokedex toy to buy.  It's a step up from the talking Pokedex with a hundred or so more Pokemon to learn about.   It's an exact replica of the Pokedex Ash uses in the Advanced Pokemon TV series giving you some serious credibility; it has all the information on the Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire, plus the original 150. 

The Advanced Pokedex also includes various mini-games - like, for example, the battle and capture game.  This is a fun game where you go to various terrains and, using your knowledge of Pokemon, you can try to capture and battle.

The advanced Pokedex is the real deal (it also features a talking feature) that, if you want to get a serious replica, I recommended you decided to: buy Pokedex 

Jakks Diamond & Pearl Pokedex

This Pokedex is all about the features:

  • Dual Screen
  • Sound Effects from the series
  • 5 LCD Games to play
  • See (and hear) descriptions and stats from all the Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl
  • Microphone
  • Seven New Games


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    • profile image

      Pokefan 5 years ago

      Because the advance is for cosplayers and the older kids ^_^

    • profile image

      Jacob731 6 years ago

      Why is the Advanced one so incredibly expensive?

    • Kyle246 profile image

      Kyle246 7 years ago from United States

      That looks like a fun little toy for little kids.