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Pokémon: Beedrill Nicknames

Updated on January 7, 2018
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Nicknames for Beedrill
Nicknames for Beedrill | Source

Pokemon #15: Beedrill

Beedrill is a bug/poison-type, bee Pokemon. It is a highly territorial creature that is often found alongside a whole colony of Weedles, Kakunas, and Beedrills. Whenever a Weedle or a Kakuna is disturbed by another creature, Beedrill quickly reacts to defend them. With its speedy disposition and its three poison stingers, Beedrill is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, if it is already a deadly force to be reckoned with alone, then that deadliness increases even more when it attacks with its whole colony.

Nickname Ideas for Beedrill

Nicknames Based on Bee Families, Genera, and Facets

Bee – A flying insect that is closely related to wasps and ants. Rest assured that Beedrill is definitely a bee. If the name doesn’t give it away, then I don’t know what else will.

Bumblebee – A kind of bee that is a member of a genus called Bombus, which is part of the Apidae bee family. They are known for their incessant bumbling (also known as buzzing) in surrounding areas.

Hornet – Hornets are insects that are considered to be the largest eusocial wasps. Beedrill may not be a wasp (although it resembles one) but it can be as aggressive and as combative as one.

Bombus – A genus of the Apidae bee family. Bumblebees are members of this genus.

Halictus – A genus of the Halictidae bee family. It is a large assemblage that is further divided into fifteen subgenera.

Apidae – The largest family within the Apoidea superfamily. It is said to contain at least 5700 species of bee creatures.

Andrena – The largest genus in the Andrenidae bee family. Bees in this genus are also called mining bees.

Honey – It is a well known fact that bees collect pollen and transform it into honey. That being said, it is perfectly fine to name this Pokemon “Honey” because it is a bee, and most bees also possess similar colors to it.

Worker – Bees are known to be hardworking and industrious. Naming a Beedril “Worker” isn’t such a bad idea because it surely is a docile toiler.

Beedrill is a bee even if it looks like a wasp.
Beedrill is a bee even if it looks like a wasp. | Source

Let’s Name it with its Pointy Features in Mind

Pointy – Its stingers are certainly pointy and sharp. It is best to avoid them at all costs if you don’t want to meet your untimely demise.

Honey Horn – It produces honey and has horn-like stingers as its weapons. I guess we should call it “Honey Horn” then. This is actually a bad name for a bee as dangerous as this one.

Driller – Its appendages are like drills that could pierce through anything. You better watch out for this danger beast!

Cavalier – A gallant knight that is often depicted as a warrior with a drill-like, spiral spear as a weapon.

Injecta – A truly fearsome monicker. Not only can Beedril inject venom into its victims with its syringe-like appendages, it can also do it with its rear stinger.

Power Point – All those pointy stingers on this creature are so powerful that they can puncture almost any kind of enemy. That being said, “Power Point” is such an apt name for it.

Piercer – As its stingers pierce enemies mercilessly, its eyes also pierces sharply with every aggressive gaze.

Dart – A pointed projectile that can be fired to inflict piercing damage. If a beedrill tackles quick enough with all its stingers pointed at you, then it will be like a dart hitting a dart board accurately.

Lancer – Similar to a cavalier, a lance also uses a drill-like, spiral spear called a lance to ward off enemies.

Intimidating Nicknames for a Deadly Bee Pokemon

Killer B. - This sounds like this creature is out for blood. Actually, it’s a fitting nickname for a serial killer whose features are dangerously similar to that of a bee.

Drone Strike – This is what you call an unmanned aerial vehicle that launches a projectile against an enemy. If only Beedrill could launch its stingers, it would become several times more deadly.

Destroyer – A being that takes pleasure in destroying things.

Annihilator – A being that takes pleasure in annihilating foes.

Waspinator – A dangerous-sounding name for a wasp-like creature. Adding the suffix “-inator” to simple things really does make them sound more dangerous.

Swarm Master – It is a bee and it often attacks with a swarm of other bees. It is already deadly by itself. With a swarm, it becomes even deadlier!

If you think you are brave, then I dare you to walk into this river bank governed by a swarm of bees.
If you think you are brave, then I dare you to walk into this river bank governed by a swarm of bees.

Character Related Nicknames

Gurren – A powerful gunman from the epic anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann that was piloted by the similarly epic hero, Kamina. Together with the Lagann, it became the largest mecha in the whole history of anime (larger than the universe itself)—the Gurren Lagann!

Lagann – The personal gunman of the main hero of the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Simon the Digger. It derives its power from Simon’s mysterious spiral drill. Together with the Gurren, it became the largest mecha in the whole history of anime (larger than the universe itself)—the Gurren Lagann!

Simon – He is the main hero of the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. He is a digger and the one who stumbled upon the drill that can pierce the heavens.

Kamina – He is the brother-in-and-arms and idol of Simon the Digger. His ideals and beliefs are the reason why Simon ultimately became the hero of the whole universe.

Cheerios – This is the name of the honey and nut flavored cereal that is made of oats. I’m not sure if it is also the name of the bee mascot found on the package label. There’s a huge chance it is!

Beelzebub – The lord of the flies. Okay, I said flies and not bees, but hey—don’t sweat the small stuff! Beelzebub, by the way, is also called the Devil and Satan.

Kira – The infamous protagonist from the anime series Death Note. He is the person who receive the notebook that kill anyone whose name is written in it. Kira considered himself a god and killed a large amount of criminals, as well as people who got in his way.

Buzz – He is the toy robot protagonist from the movie Toy Story.

Lightyear – This is the surname of Buzz from the movie Toy Story.

Gurren Lagann is most epic robot of all times!
Gurren Lagann is most epic robot of all times! | Source

Funny Bee Puns and More

Darth Beeder – A pun based on the original name of the ever-popular Star Wars villain, Darth Vader.

Ron Beesley – A pun based on the original name of the ever-popular Harry Potter character, Ron Weesley.

Beez Nuts – This is based on the original phrase “Deez Nuts.”

Imma Bee – If you look at it closely, it just means “I’m gonna be.”

Beeatrice – A bee-tified version of the name, Beatrice.

Bee-utiful – Self-explanatory. It came from the word beautiful.

Letter Bee – This one’s also self-explanatory. It is a pun for the term “Letter B.”

Barbee – Yup, it is what you think. This one’s a corruption of the name Barbie. I’m sure you know who Barbie is. Also, it’s just a coincidence that the word “Barb” is in there. For those who don’t know, a barb is the pointed edge of certain objects.

Other Random Nicknames

Charlotte – I got this name from the NBA basketball team, Charlotte Hornets.

Horny – Now, now, don’t let your worldly instincts cloud your mind. Horny, in this case, quite literally means something with a horn.

Trifecta – A word describing three things. Beedrill has three stingers so you can say it has a trifecta of stingers.

Maya – Personally, I think Maya is a great name for a female Beedrill.

Buzzer – Beedrill is a bee so it is capable of buzzing around. You might as well call it a buzzer because of that.

Have you given your Beedrill a nickname?

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      Bee drill boi 

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      I named mine stinger


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