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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Eighteen: Route 5

Updated on June 19, 2013
Black 2 or White 2?
Audino (rustling grass)
Cinccino (rustling grass)
Emolga (rustling grass)
Black 2
White 2

Four badges! You've come a long way in a short time, and you probably have a strong team - but there are still many places to go before you reach the Pokémon League, and many people to face. Among them are the cronies of Team Plasma, who block your way out of Nimbasa City after defeating the gym.

When you try to head west to Route 5, you'll find Hugh facing off against the Plasma grunts. After some back-and-forth he'll ask you to take on two of the grunts while he takes on two more. Sounds fair.

Team Plasma Grunt

  • Trubbish, level 27

Reward: 1080 Pokedollars

Team Plasma Grunt

  • Watchog, level 27

Reward: 1080 Pokedollars

After sending the Plasma on their way yet again, you'll discover just why Hugh hates the lot of them so much: a few years ago the team stole his sister's Purrloin. He's trying to get it back. Hugh, you old softy. He'll leave; carry on west to find the tunnel to Route 5.

When you emerge onto the Route, Bianca will catch up with you. She'll give you HM02 Fly, which allows one of your flying-type pokémon to spirit you back to cities you've already visited. Very handy. She'll also introduce you to the concept of Hidden Grottos, small spots in the landscape which lead to daily items and rare pokémon. In this particular Grotto is a Minccino with the Skill Link ability, making it a bit different from the average Minccino. Come back and check this spot regularly.

You're now free to explore Route 5. Begin by clearing out the top half of the map, which largely consists of tall grass and dark grass. Talk to the woman walking near the grass to buy an allotment of Berries each day, then wade into the grass and head west. An old man in the grass will challenge you if he sees you.

Artist Horton

  • Sigilyph, level 25

Reward: 1200 Pokedollars

At the edge of a ledge you'll find a Super Repel. Just inside the dark grass you'll run across another trainer.

Ranger Lois

  • Budew, level 25
  • Roselia, level 25

Reward: 2500 Pokedollars, Cherri Berry

There's naught else up here, so hop off the ledge and onto the pavement. You now have several trainers whom you can face in whatever order you like, though the guide will leave the fellow on the motorcycle, surrounded by a crowd, for last.

Baker Jenn

  • Sunkern, level 24
  • Combee, level 24

Reward: 960 Pokedollars

Dancer Brian

  • Scraggy, level 25

Reward: 800 Pokedollars

Backers Ava & Aya

  • Minccino, level 24
  • Minccino, level 24

Reward: 1152 Pokedollars

Musician Preston

  • Maractus, level 25

Reward: 800 Pokedollars

After you're done with the trainers, take out your Dowsing Machine to find a Hyper Potion hidden on the ground just above where the dancer patrols. You can find another Hyper Potion by backtracking to the beginning and running west in the gap between the fence and the trees. Last, check inside the truck - the maid will give you good money for any oddball ingredients (for example, TinyMushrooms) that you may have found on your journey.

Talk to the guy on the motorcycle. He'll explain Rotation Battles (Black 2) or Triple Battles (White 2) to you, say his name way too many times, and then get into a fight with you. Ooo, three on three pokémon.

Motorcyclist Charles

  • Sigilyph, level 26
  • Tirtouga, level 26
  • Archen, level 26

Reward: 832 Pokedollars

Once the crowd is gone, you're free to run across Driftveil Bridge to the west.

There's very little of interest on Driftveil Drawbridge, as there are no trainers, but if you move along it long enough you may notice small black dots appearing on the ground. If you make it to these shadows before they vanish you'll discover either one of the following items:

  • Clever Wing
  • Genius Wing
  • Health Wing
  • Muscle Wing
  • Pretty Wing
  • Resist Wing
  • Swift Wing

Or you'll get into a battle with a Ducklett, a flying- and water-type pokémon that can prove really handy for the upcoming gym. The various wings serve the same purpose as Vitamins (Protein, Iron, Carbos etc.) in that they increase your pokemon's EV count for a particular stat, though not by the same amount as Vitamins.

Once you're done collecting wings or pokémon on the bridge, head off the west side to find Driftveil City, home to Unova's sixth gym.


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