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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part One: Aspertia City

Updated on January 17, 2013

As with any Pokémon game, your Black 2 and White 2 journey will begin with some introductions. Professor Juniper, the de facto professor of the Unova region, will ask both your gender and name. Both have no bearing on the course of the game. She'll also ask you the name of your rival; as the default name for the rival is Hugh, this guide (and all subsequent guides) will refer to him as Hugh.

The game will open in Aspertia City. Your mother will receive a phone call from Juniper, then go back into the house and call you over. Her news is most excellent: a girl named Bianca is in town, and she's here to give you your first pokémon and a Pokedex, a device for recording pokémon as you catch them. Unfortunately, Bianca is lost somewhere in Aspertia City, so you'll have to go looking for her.

Head out into the street and wander north. You'll be stopped by Hugh and his sister. He'll be excited that you're getting a pokémon and start following you. You can now explore the houses of Aspertia City, but there's little of interest other than starting info and gossip. Head to the north until you see a tunnel to Route 19; nearby are stairs leading up to a lookout where you'll find Bianca.

Bianca will confirm who you are, then offer you one of three starter pokémon with which you can begin your journey. Your options are:

  • Snivy, a grass-type pokémon that will stay grass-type throughout its life - it's a solid starter, though not the best choice for beginners
  • Tepig, a fire-type pokémon that eventually becomes a mix of fire- and fighting-type powers; it's probably the best of the three to start, as it offers the most weapons against the game's initial gyms
  • Oshawatt, a water-type that stays water-type throughout its life - it's of middling strength, though having Oshawatt is handy as you won't have to go looking for a water-type that can use Surf for moving about on water

None of the pokémon are poor choices in the long run, so go with the one you like most. It is now your first pokémon. Give it a nickname if you want. Afterward, Bianca will hand over your Pokedex and ask that you record as many pokémon as possible into the Pokedex by travelling Unova. When you go to leave, Hugh will ask for a Pokedex as well, revealing that he's headed out into Unova to find something 'important'.

When you try to leave the lookout, Hugh will challenge you to a pokémon battle - your first in the game. Bring it!


Pokemon Trainer Hugh

  • Tepig, level 5 (if you chose Snivy)
  • Oshawatt, level 5 (if you chose Tepig)
  • Snivy, level 5 (if you chose Oshawatt)

Reward: 500 Pokedollars

You may have already noticed, but Hugh automatically has a pokemon which is strong against your starter. This won't matter so much now, but in the future you won't want to pit your starter against Hugh's starter. Super effective attacks hurt. This intro battle's not so bad, however - simply use Tail Whip or Leer a few times, depending on your starter, then beat your opponent down. If you win your pokemon will jump up to level 6; if not, the game will carry on regardless.

Hugh will take off after the battle, happy to have a strong rival. Bianca will then lead you to the Pokemon Center, where you can heal your pokemon and buy items at the side desk. Pokemon Center treatments are free, so use one whenever your pokemon are feeling down. You'll also get your first look at the PC, where you can exchange pokemon you don't currently need (your team limit is six pokemon at any time). Bianca will end by giving you 10 Poke Balls, which you use to catch pokemon in the wild.

Follow Bianca outside. Your mom will be waiting, and she'll give you Running Shoes which will allow you to spring by holding down the B button. Hugh's sister will also be here, and she'll give you a Town Map to help you get around Unova. She'll also give you another map to hand to her brother the next time you see him. How sweet.

Your mom will bid you farewell; do the same and follow Bianca to the north, to Route 19. On your way through the gate, the gatekeeper will give you a Potion. Use it if you get into a jam, and consider backtracking to the Poke Mart in the Pokemon Center for a few more Potions.

When you're ready, head out onto Route 19 to begin your grand journey. Farewell, Aspertia!

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    • profile image

      Rose 3 years ago

      In aspertia city you can catch basculion red and blue lvl 13 ,14 and 15 you first mission is to find bianica with a green hat!:) :)

    • profile image

      BLANK 3 years ago

      I voted twice for tepig, count 1 of pls.