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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough, Part Seven: Virbank City and Virbank Complex

Updated on June 19, 2013

Virbank City

A thriving metropolis hidden in the rain, Virbank City is a nicer place than it looks at first glance - though you know immediately that you'll have stuff to do here. After a call from your mom and a run-in with gym leader Roxie and her sea captain dad, you'll have the run of the land. Get to work.

If you want, you can skip right to the gym leader's basement hideout and fight Roxie. For this article, though, we're going to spend some time looking around Virbank City, as there are a bunch of items to pick up.

  • The first house to the east of the Pokémon Center has a Poke Toy.
  • Just south of the old man on the eastern bridge there's a break in the railing, with stairs leading down. Follow this path west, south and back east to a dead end. A Pearl is hidden on the last square before the end.
  • The man outside the Virbank Gym will give you Poke Balls.
  • A woman in the daycare center (blue house south of the Poke Center) will give you a Burn Heal.
  • A trash can on the left side of the daycare has an Antidote.

There's more to be found, but you need Surf to get it all (notably a Rare Candy that you can see as soon as you enter the city). Time to head to the Virbank Complex your mom mentioned to train.

Black 2 or White 2?
White 2
Black 2

Virbank Complex

In the southern half of the city you'll come across grass, and immediately know you're in the Complex. This is an excellent place to train your pokémon in preparation for Roxie, as you may not be strong enough to challenge her gym at your current levels. Before you go too far south, go down the stairs to your right to the water's edge - they lead to a man who will trade a Great Ball for a Poke Ball once a day, and if you keep following the path past him you'll find an awesome Silk Scarf for your normal-type move users.

To the immediate west of the main road into the Complex is a patch of grass. Grab the X Accuracy, then head south and into the Complex proper. To the left of the entrance is a tree you'll have to Cut down later. For now, talk to the bald man you see by the tree and agree to 'fire up' his workers for him. Carry on south to face your first trainer on the road.

Youngster Masahiro

  • Lillipup, level 13

Reward: 208 Pokedollars

South of the trainer you'll see grass on your right side, and a conspicuous gap in the grass. Check the gap for a Great Ball. Keep going east and then north to find a scientist investigating an oil tower in the dark grass; talk to him and he'll run off. Nearby there's a small gap in the grass with a TinyMushroom hidden on the ground. Go back to the main path and check to the west of where you emerged; the scientist will be there again. Talk to him and he'll run off. Follow him one last time, to the lookout in the south, and he'll give you an Ether for being so interested. Also here is another trainer for you to face.

Lass Daya

  • Woobat, level 13

Reward: 208 Pokedollars

Return to the main path and go up the stairs to your left. Follow the path east to the thin pipes - walk rather than run, so you don't fall off - and take the pipe to the east and down to the waterside. You'll find the first of the workers.

Worker Isaac

  • Magby, level 12
  • Koffing, level 12

Reward: 480 Pokedollars

Down the stairs from Isaac you'll find TM46. Grab it, then return to the pipes. Make your way north to find the next worker.

Worker Mitchell

  • Patrat, level 12
  • Elekid, level 12

Reward: 480 Pokedollars

Go west from this worker to the next oil drum, and continue along the pipes over the grassy area. If you're careful you can find another trainer above the next worker.

Youngster Waylon

  • Patrat, level 13

Reward: 208 Pokedollars

Hop down into the grass from here to face off against the final worker.

Worker Nathan

  • Riolu, level 12
  • Lillipup, level 12

Reward: 480 Pokedollars

After trouncing all of the workers, return to the man at the entrance. In gratitude for... beating up his employees... he'll give you TM94 Rock Smash, which you can equip on a pokémon to destroy rocks out of battle. Not a great battle move, this, so don't put it on your permanent team.

Once you've taken out everyone in the Virbank Complex you'll be ready to spar with Roxie. Go back to the Pokémon Center in Virbank City, heal your pokémon, buy some Antidotes, and prepare yourself for a visit to the poisonous Virbank Gym.


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